I have had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  I took Wednesday off in order to take Duke hunting.  We didn’t get a buck, but we did have some enjoyable outside time together.  The Kelln klan and Uncle Jim were at the Kelln Kompound for Thanksgiving.  Kela was the only one missing, but we did some facetime and everybody got to say “hi”.  She was meeting up with some transplant Ellis county people for Thanksgiving on the beach.  Our family has a lot to be thankful for.  

     Oh yeah!  There is a new corgi pup living in Shattuck.  And we piled everybody into the ’93 Chevy van for a tour of eastern Ellis county.  

I haven’t spent much time on the computer or the phone.  I actually have spent almost ZERO time on the phone, which is unusual.  But I liked it.

      Today, I spent the day outside trying to get stuff done.  The weather was beautiful.  Duke and I weighed, wormed, trimmed hooves and worked wethers.  The Dragon Lady cooked a heckuva smoke pork chop lunch which slowed me down for a bit.  Duke had a classmate spend the night tonight.  Kelln Depriest is the hombre’s name.  Yes, his first name is spelled right.  He is actually a cousin.

    I came in for a glass of tea and watched part of the first half of the Iron Bowl.  Auburn was winning.  I checked the other scores and saw that Ohio State had squeaked by Michigan and Florida State was pounding Florida.  I was wanting a bunch of upsets as I like the chaos at the end of the college football season.  I went back out and did chores.  Came back in and it was time for the 2nd half kickoff.  Alabama was now winning.  I don’t normally watch a whole lot of games, unless the Pokes or Notre Dame is playing.  I occasionally watch a Texas team or LSU play.  For some reason, I just plopped my fat ass into the chair and watched the 2nd half of the Iron Bowl. Wow!!  What a game.  Twists, turns, official reviews, put 1 second back on the clock and then that final play. That deal was fun to watch and I’m not a fan of either team.  Just big fun.  

     I hope everybody has had as good a break as I have had.  Cheers!