Wore smooth out but….

Cheers to all.  What a weekend!  First of all, I am glad to finally be back home on this fine Sunday evening.  Duke and I made a mile or two on Saturday.  Hit all three sales and made it home to unload stuff.  Then I left again this morning to haul kids to the Far East part of Oklahoma in order to take kids to Alumni Camp.  And yes, I did stop and dip for ticks before I got home.  

      The Circle of Champions sale went well.  Real Well!  The weather was perfect.  Whoever thought that Ralph Shafer and myself would have goats that were fresh and sale ready?  Unheard of!  But we did and they sold like it.  I wanted several of Ralph’s, but only got one.  Helms sold some sleepers. Luckily for him, I think that most of these sleepers ended up in really good homes in OK & TX.  I bought a good wether that is now in a really good home. I hope to have a pic of him for future ads for Helms to use.  Yeah, he was a little big for the sale, but he’s good.  Cramblet sold some nice goats.  Good sale.  

      The only complaint that I had with this sale was the same complaint that I had back in mid April–I didn’t have enough male kids.  I had to work to keep this set dry during the rain, but the effort paid off as these 5 kids averaged right at $6k.  Yes, that is a lot of money, but I couldn’t go buy this same set for my kid for that same money.  I expected to buy at least 1 or 2 back for Duke.  So far, Duke is the only loser.  And when you sell a good one, you pray that they go to a good home.  All five went to great homes.  The only problem is that all five will be shown at Woodward District in March.  Throw those in with all of the good ones that Poe has been gathering and Woodward District is going to be one wicked SOB of a show.  

      Young Duke got worked pretty hard on Saturday.  He washed and dried goats at Norman.  Pushed goats to Braden and Maci at Norman then helped setup goats at Milligan’s sale.  Then had to catch and setup most of the wethers at Pfeiffers for me to handle.  Then go home and unload.  Plus his keeper wethers got sold.  He didn’t complain.  I have noticed that as he gets taller, he is better help.  

       Milligan put on a well ran sale.  He had great help, it just got caught in the crosshairs between the other two sales.  Poe sold a really good little wether and a killer slick sheared doe.  Milligan sold a cool doe.  Seelke’s wether should have brought more but ended up in a great home.  Kester’s and Milligan had some good goats but for lack of better words–lots of rain, for lots of days has kicked their asses.  There were some sleepers that sold.  Those goats will feed.  

      Then Pfeiffer’s.  This deal was higher than balls on a giraffe.  Excellent crowd, excellent weather, excellent set of goats.  I had stated earlier in the day that we wouldn’t see a $10K goat there, but that the average would be WAY high.  I was wrong.  There were several $10K plus goats and the average was way high.  I was real consistent at being a contending bidder.  

      We jockeyed wethers around, hauled some does home for Tyke, sold wethers and delivered some bucks for lease.  One of those bucks had a negotiable lease agreement.  If you can’t have fun in this business, then why do it.  I knew this dude would appreciate a cash, barter, trade kind of deal.  So I told him to suprise me for the fee.  All I have to say is “Well played, Sir.”  

     All in all, it was an excellent set of goats that sold this weekend in Oklahoma.  Sure the dollars were high, but the quality warranted that fact.  I got to talk to lots of really good people.  Now, I am on to the next set.  And I can’t wait for the Best of the West sale on Labor Day in Woodward, OK.  It will be fun.  Cheers to all.  And thank you to all of the buyers, bidders and those that commented on the wethers.  And as Larry the Cable Guy allows, “Git ‘er done!”