Words that begin with the letter F.

Frozen is the first thing that comes to mind.  

I am trying to thaw out after thawing out barn doors, breaking ice off the rails so that I could slide the barn doors open and shoveling paths from the house to various barns. Duke and I might have also dug a snow cavern.   I was already wet and frozen from a previous digging expedition.


We ended up with somewhere between 15 & 20 inches of snow Sunday night through Monday night and a PILE of wind to keep it moving around.  Huge drifts.  Add that total to other two snows that added up to 12″ and we got some moisture during this month.

Feed is another important word.  

I have kept feed and hay in front of all of the stock during this ordeal.  There is a group of does and Dozer in the big barn that aren’t even aware that there has been a blizzard.  It has stayed warm, wind free and dry in there.  And of course, the Free loader does act like they need more hay as they are crapping and pissing on hay that they didn’t clean up earlier.  The wethers are living in the big barn also.  Their boxes were dry, but the wind finally forced the drifts around the south side of their barn.  

Fahrenheit, as in 140 degrees water.  We have a tankless hot water heater.  It works great.  Until snow and ice cover the ventilation inlet & outlet and keep it from running.  It took me awhile to figure out the problem.  I just had to go outside and break ice off the vent anytime we wanted some water with some heat to it.

F-ed.  I have used this word a lot the past 36 hours.  More than usual.

I was plum F-ed this morning.  After breaking ice from doors, I got the tractor out and busted a big F-ing drift on the north side of the barn.  I made it around the house and broke several more drifts.  Then I got the F-ing brilliant idea to try to make it down the road towards the blacktop.  At that point, I was F-ed.  I managed to get a 75 hp front wheel assist tractor stuck in a 5′ drift.  So I got Dad’s cold-blooded 4640 out of the barn, dang near got it stuck (twice) and managed to break three chains-F-F-F!!!  So I dug it out by hand.  That took some time, some cussing, some patience (which I don’t have much to begin with) and determination.  Duke stayed on top of the drift and scooped snow away that I brought out from under the tractor. I was high-centered.  Basically, I was F-ed.


Food.  The Dragon Lady hasn’t had anything else to do but prepare food.  Lemon Poppy muffins, chocolate chip cookies, chicken fried steaks w/ mashed potatoes & gravy, bread, spaghetti, and we have another day or so until we get out of this deal.  


We’ve kept power.  Lost tv and internet for most of Monday.  I don’t think I have any Frostbite yet, but I’m not done.  I hope everyone else is safe and warm.  

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