Sometimes, a Tuesday can feel like a Monday.  You get up early to get BACK in a routine of being somewhere on time.  Feed, water, check stock, wait, what….that doe has the runs.  WHY?  What?  Oh well, a bolus and some spectam should stop that.  

     Then you stumble through a day of meetings that reminds you of 15 years of meetings from a past life, that is now, once again, present.  Some things don’t change.  Just zip codes and years.  OWW!

      I love the TV show CHEERS!    Norm, Sammy, Carla, Coach, Woody and my favorite, Cliff Claven.  Frasier became a good part of that show.  So good that he later got his own show.  Now, I’m not much of a shrink, but I’m probably as good as Frasier.  I do realize that sometimes, people find themselves tangled up in the word of the day–Conundrum.

     Yes, the WORD for today is CONUNDRUM.  Sometimes you just find yourself tangled up in the middle of an upside-down tackle box underneath a pile of coat hangers.  At this point, you have to ask one’s self “How did I get here?”  Then you start to get un-tangled.  

     Or, you could be like old Frazier and want to be in a conundrum.  Do I go to this show deal on Labor Day or do I go to Fargo on Labor Day?  Kelln is here to take care of Konundrums.  

       Fargo is the answer.  It’s not just a place somewhere up north, it is a destination.  Dreams are fulfilled at the Kelln Kompound south of Fargo.  I am here to tell you that there is going to be a dang good set of wethers, a wicked set of doe kids and maybe some bargains after the sale.  Bargains?  Yes, like Perry sale barn kind of bargains.  There is going to be FUN (notice the all caps), smoked meats, NO donated melons (I’m pretty sure that we’ll have to buy the melons this year), possibly some people in need of therapy, and did I mention really good goats.  Somebody has a set held back, another breeder might have a full brother to a res. grand at a state fair, another might have banded something that shouldn’t have been and well, I’ve  been known to get stupid and sell something that I shouldn’t have–for like several years in a row.  Oh, yeah, there will be doe kids that will cause a Konundrum–do I shear them or clip them, oh crap, do I sell her or keep her?  The sale is shaping up to be WICKED!   The rest of it will be willy good.  

      There might be a ’93 Chevy Van tour of Ellis County provided we have a qualified driver–Scott, bring your wallet this time.  Great goats at good prices with stories and banners to be delivered in 2015.  I will promise that we will have a conundrum of fun people gathered in one spot.  This sale has proven itself and this year will be no different, except better.  No conundrums here.  We just need a shrink.  Come on Frazier.