Woodward District Livestock Show

      I haven’t been on here much for the past week.  We have been showing at the Woodward District Show.  This has turned into the preeminent district stock show in Oklahoma.  Start with base stock of Woodward has built one of the very best fairgrounds in this part of the world.  Then they went out and hired the perfect guy to be the fairgrounds manager.  Then, you get a livestock legend like Larry Moore to be the Livestock Superintendent.  Add a whole lot of a premium sale that has been very, very good.  Now, throw in that they actually worked to get top shelf judges for this show.  And now you have the recipe for a wicked good show.  

We showed hogs on Friday and Saturday.  Dudes, this was an awesome hog show.  DEEP, DEEP set of gilts and barrows.  Justin Rodibaugh had the honors of judging them and did a stellar job.  We didn’t win it, but our little crew of hogs showers got along well.  I had fun watching this hog show.  When you have livestock legends like Goss, Lamle, Nation and Pullan lining the ring, you know that there are good barrows being shown.  Throw in some younger dudes that keep putting together good hog show strings and then several wolves in the barn and I’m just telling you this was a good show.

The sheep show was next.  The show committee hired Billy Zanolini to judge the sheep AND goats.  Shattuck just has a couple of sheep showing families, but they are working to do it right.  The top end of this sheep show was really good.  The judge had to use some give and take in regards to weight and type, but was able to put together a really good lineup of champions.  I couldn’t hardly argue with a placing all day.  

I like this sheep show as I get to be an ag teacher.  I can deal with the kids, make suggestions, help when needed and then high five kids when they win.  Good parents and even better kids make this fun.  

On Monday was the goat show.  Last year, this was the best goat show that I saw all year.  This year was no different.  The quality was deep.  The showmanship, quality and fitting of the goats was way good.  The Poe Patrol had his crew dialed in.  Ours didn’t look too bad.  Since, this is a goat page, I’ll go more in depth.  

Rumour Has It sired the Ch. Div. 2 breeding doe kid–Carly Word.

Rainman sired the Ch. Div. 3 breeding doe kid–Newt Sweet.

Div. 4 champ & reserve breeding doe was an 8 Ball doe that I bought from Milligan shown by Carly Word.  Res. Div. 4 was a Gold Digger that I bought from Pfeiffer’s.

Grand breeding doe was Newt Sweet with a Rainman x Vanilla.  Vanilla is Blood Pressure’s mom. That doe has been bred to Rumour Has It–result  Blood Pressure. Then to Joe Dirt–result the winningest slick shear doe in 2015 and a buck called Mudslide.  And next Rainman–result grand doe at Woodward District.  Good doe.

In the slick shear doe class, Dalton Dunkin won it with a Money Bags daughter.  Good goat.  Congrats to the Dunkin clan as they put all three kids in the premium sale in two different species.  Job well done.  

Chancery Bruce was reserve grand slick shear doe with a Nasty Habit daughter.  This Nasty Habit deal is siring huge square racks, big loins and tight hides.  

And then the wether show.  

Div. 1 champ was a Milligan wether.  Div. 2 wether was a red paint wether that I bought from Pfeiffer’s October sale shown by Ava Bogdahn.

Rumour sired several 1st and 2nd place wethers.   And THE div. 3 champ was a Joe Dirt wether shown by Darcy Peach.  This was the Dirt wether that I sold at Norman last June.  Some think that I was stupid for banding him. Others think that I am a dumb ass for selling him.  You’ve got to cut some of them in order to win a show.  I didn’t give him away and he went to a good home.  Joe Dirt just keeps adding to an already impressive resume.  

Duke showed 3 wethers and was 3rd 3 times.  Not our plans, but it is what it is.  He made the premium sale.  I can tell you that Duke stuck his wethers and even showed one of Carly’s does (he hates showing does).  He won a super showman bag.  It is fun watching him start to mentor younger kids.  He works like a champ.  He just needs better goats.  It’s his ag teachers fault.    And on that note, here comes a Kelln opinion that is actually fact–A good wether showman is also a good doe showman. However, a good doe showman is not necessarily a good wether showman.  

        Here’s what I enjoyed about Rodibaugh and Zanolini’s grand drive speeches–there is NO doubt that these guys are in the industry for the RIGHT reason–kids and family.  Yes, they judged stock.  Yes, I want to show to them again.  But they are passionate about raising kids and families in the 4H and FFA.  I love it.  In the end, that is what we are raising–kids.  The livestock and the competition are just the vehicle to get us there.  (I’m sure that I heard that line somewhere)

Cattle show is on Wednesday.  I’m old, fat, tired, but ready.  We’ll catch you in a day or two.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.