Wind and rain

     It was windy here….AGAIN.  It still is this morning.  But, it did blow some rain in here–sideways.  We got about 7/8″ of rain last night.  We’ll take it.  I spent some time walking around picking up tree limbs this morning.  The wind seems to blow a lot these days.  I only have one complaint about the rain.  The fact that the wind changed from the south and turned around and came out of the north.  This blew the rain and the wetness that goes with it right into the mouth of the creep feeders.  So, I spent some time digging wet soggy feed out of the feeders.  Of course, I filled the feeders last night.  Oh well, feed is cheap.  Right?  It is amazing how much feed pellets swell up when they get wet.  

     Made it to Duke’s game last night.  He has gotten real good at the HBP.  He doesn’t seem to mind getting hit by a pitch.  Of course, I’ve seen him take hits from goats that were way harder than what a twelve year old can throw.