It is a well established fact that I like good music.  Especially hard hitting rock–big guitars, loud and cool lyrics.  But I really love the original outlaws–Waylon, Willie and the boys.  Once again, Duke and I were like Willie.  No, we didn’t spark one up, but we were on the road again.  Just burning up the ashphalt and looking at goats.  

     No matter where the road has taken us, dealling with rain has been a recurring theme.  We’ve seen lots of down hay that has been rained on numerous times, more acres that need cut but it’s been too wet and all over OK and TX the countryside is green.  I’m glad.  It is interesting to see how various producers managed the wetness and what they use to treat the scours.  Some are ahead of the scours, some are fighting them and others are either curing or killing them. As for our operation, I’ve managaed to do all of the above.  

     Lots and lots of good goats will change hands during the month of June.  Champions will be sold.  There are several sets of excellent bucks that will sell sometime this month.  I’ve seen a lot of them.  I want a bunch of them, but I only need a couple of them and I don’t want to have to pay for any of them.  

     Before I leave, I always like to take a quick gander at our kids.  Then, go look at goats elsewhere.  Upon returning to paradise, I like to take another gander to see how they compare.  I am notorious for being barn blind in the negative.  I can pick an animal to pieces, especially my own.  This year, I constantly have the same thoughts as I study the stock.  I need more like them.  But, I don’t.  It happens.  It is what it is and that’s they way it’s going to be.  

     Speaking of the outlaws, go play some Tompall Glaser and “put another log on the fire”.  I love that song.