It is May 2.  I was wearing shorts–no shirt, on Sunday afternoon.  Last night and this morning–32 degrees, snow, sleet & drizzle rain.  And then there is this EFFing wind that has just been relentless for several months now, save for a couple of beautiful days.  This weather is wild.  It was 90 degrees on Sunday.  Sixty degree change in just a couple of days.  Throw in some moisture and a pile of goats–yep, I got to doctor several kids with the shits last night.  I can’t imagine how any animal would get sick in this kind of weather?  Actually, we’ve been lucky with as much psycho weather as what we’ve had the past month.

     I need to shear weathers to get ready to go to the Pick your Poison sale.  I just couldn’t bring myself to shear them last night.  I will have to this evening.  Hopefully, it warms up to 40 or more.  I bet that I don’t wash these wethers when we shear them.  

      The week should get better as I get to go to Stillwater this weekend.  Things are always better in Stillwater.