The goat game is becoming more and more popular all across the country. Been getting a lot of calls from northern and eastern states looking for show goats. They seem to show a lot of doe kids in those states in the market shows. Those states all need November to January babies. There aren’t very many of those around. Pfeiffer has done a good job of recognizing the need for January babies and selling to those states. Those are hard ages to raise in large numbers unless a breeder has very good facilities. However, this year hasn’t been very tough weather wise. Another day like yesterday and I will have to break out some of my camo shorts.

I do like the fact that it really doesn’t matter when a goat is born, there is a market for it. Weight and age are not terribly important. Quality is. Some people get a mindset that they have to have a certain age or weight when they would be better off buying the best quality for their dollar. If a see a goat that I like and it fits my budget, I buy it. They have different weight divisions and shows somewhere year round. I will have a home for it.

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