Wicked Awesome

I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable Christmas season.  Mine has been wicked awesome.  The favorite daughter flew in last Saturday.  We had an excellent meal and time at Tammy’s parents house on the 23rd.  The 24th brought an excellent Christmas eve mass followed by the Kelln family Christmas Eve dinner and gathering.

Then a big family breakfast/brunch on Christmas Day.  All in all, it was wicked awesome.

Tammy and I got introduced to “new to us” technology this past week.  Kela hooked up the tv in order to stream shows and movies.  We needed this in order to watch the show for which she presently has employment. I had not seen the Disney+ program called “The Mandalorian”.  Now, due to the new tv hookup, I have seen all 7 episodes and am eagerly waiting to see the final episode of season 1.  She started working there at the end of the season 1 and has been working to get season 2 finished.

I don’t understand the industry.  I am learning.  She loves it even though there are long hours and extended periods with no days off.  The things that she is learning and seeing are un-real.  The educator side of me loves that she is getting hands-on experience in an environment that will allow her work ethic, skills and knowledge to shine through.  The fan side of me is wanting more.

Here’s what I know.

No, she can’t & won’t say anything about upcoming episodes.  No, she hasn’t met George Lucas.  No, her name won’t be in the credits until next season.  Yes, she has held “it”.   That prize is not a computer generated image.

Now, that I have seen “The Mandalorian”, I have thoughts about it.  There is no doubt that it ties back to Eastwood, the Duke and the Magnificent Seven (which itself is a direct tie to the origins of Star Wars).  It is truly a space western that harkens to the days of the Man with No Name.  I love it!  It is Wicked Awesome!  Mando is quickly rising on my list of favorite Star Wars themed characters.  He sounds like Eastwood, walks like John Wayne, fights like any of your favorite heroes yet is limited as a person.

The genius of this thing is that it is a stand alone story that ties to Star Wars, yet you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy it.  However, it is a never ending plot.  Through seven episodes, we are already wanting to know more about baby Yoda, when will Mando take his helmet off, etc.  And in order to keep it going, all they have to do is introduce light sabers, a jedi, a tie to Darth, a wookie or any of the past characters and then all of us junkies will be forevermore tied to it.  Who knew that something that I was enthralled with in 1977 would still be rolling like it is?  Wicked Awesome.

I am proud of my kids.  I get frustrated with them as they do with me.  I hope that they are taking notes.

On a goat note, I don’t expect or want presents for Christmas.  However, I ended up getting two different flash lights.  I guess everybody in the family knows that I spend a lot of time in the dark dealing with goats.

Peace be with you and yours.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  I’m going to.  It’s going to be…..

Wicked Awesome!

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