We were never in line of the tornadoes last night, but it is kind of wicked when the news is rattling off county road numbers and you could 1) drive to that location in just a few minutes and 2) you know the people that live nearby.

That was a bad looking set of tornadoes that came out of the TX panhandle and made a direct line for Laverne.  Luckily, that is wide open spaces and most buildings were spared.

We had more rain and some wicked wind.  I’ve got 4 self feeders currently in use.  Three are facing the southeast.  Normally, the wind does NOT come out of the southeast.  The fourth feeder is facing the southwest.  Well, I got to clean the soaked wet feed out of all four feeders this morning.  So, much for keeping feed and goats dry.

Here’s to hoping we can all make it through these storms with minimal damage.  It is way worse in eastern OK and the midwest has had it bad all winter and spring.  Lots and lots of acres of cropland that have yet to be planted to corn.  Hard for some to make a living when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.  Prayers to all.


Raising goats in the mud.  Big fun.

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