Who’s the dumb one?

        There are a lot of times that I just shake my head, mutter a foul word or two under my breath and wonder who exactly is the dumbest?  Is it me?  Can’t be.

Your president just announced his new world-changing gun control legislation.  What?  This is what those morons have been working on?  There is nothing about any gun control legislation that will stop any of the needless shootings that have happened.  NOTHING.  I can quote statistics from around the world, give you my opinions and none of it changes violent people.  I read this new legislation and think, “They are dumb.  This will not end, curtail or change any future violence that happened to inolve a gun.” 

     Then, I think to myself.  Dude, it ain’t about contolling guns.  It’s about getting a little bit of power here, then there and then a little bigger chunk over here.  It’s about people control.  Not gun control.  So, now who is the dumbest?  I can answer that.  It’s the people that elected him and his cronies.  And this is how I know that the dumbest is NOT me!  As I did not vote for your president or any of those other leaches on society.  I’m plenty capable of some retarded stuff–exhibit 1–I raise goats.  Those people that surround me have plenty of mental scars from having to deal with me.  But as dumb as I may be, I would never, ever,  vote for anything as mentally debilitating as these wasters-of-oxygen that currently reside in Washington D.C.  

      How do we fix our nation?  It isn’t simple.  But it is do-able.  

First, people need to quit watching/listening to our media.  This includes magazines, newspapers and internet sources.  They all have their own agendas, and it all revolves around the almighty dollar.  Fact not opinion.  You know it and I know it.  But, you still watch the crap.  I will watch the OKC news for the weather.  Why?  Because I am not smart.  I know that the weatherman is not going to be accurate.  But at least they are trying.  Fox news, CNN, etc all have their biases.  They don’t even try to hide them.  

Second, we all need to take a step back from social media.  Facebook, etc. all have their place.  They are remarkable tools for connecting people.  And your government knows this.  Propaganda is spread rapidly via these mediums.  If you want to find something that agrees with you, just keep scrolling.  There will be a post that supports exactly your most twisted ideallogy.  It’s out there.

Third–Use history as a tool.  There is a reason that history used to be taught in school.  History is not an exact science, but it does show us where we have been, where we are and a general probability of where we are headed.  

Next–It probably isn’t possible to steer clear of our media or social media.  TV, radio, internet, phones, and on and on and on.  So, how do we handle it?  Simple, COMMON SENSE.  Somehow, somewhere, and I’m not smart enough to tell you when or where we lost common sense, but lose it we did.  We are surrounded by information.  Good and bad.  This blog is a prime example.  There are times that readers learn from it, there are times when it was simply a waste of time and there are times when one is actually dumber after reading it.  My point–do some research for yourself.  Just because it was on the internet/tv/facebook/chive/xm radio/whatever does NOT make it legit.  Look at the other side of the story.  

We need to stick to common things.  Things like the Constitution of the United States of America and the bill of rights that go with it.  We need to stick to the bible.  Don’t try to intrepret these items.  Just drive right down the middle.  Use common sense.  Some will argue that we do.  But that isn’t always the case.  There are governments and religions that are founded on “their” version of these documents.  

     I don’t undertstand how several religions can preach NOT to eat pork.  Personally, I feel a little closer to GOD when eating a smoked pork chop, or a sausage link or bacon, yes BACON, bacon on everything.  Christmas morning was a great morning here in paradise.  Tammy cooked a breakfast with applewood smoke bacon, sausage links and Canadian bacon with eggs and pancakes.  Yes, three pig items.  But, more importantly, all four of us sitting at the table at once.  No tv, internet or phones.  Just good food and family.  Life felt right.  Kind of like the mastercard commercials–PRICELESS!  But, because of common sense, I don’t want to even argue with anybody that does not believe in eating pork.  If it makes them a better person, then so be it.  Just as long as they let me eat pig, then I’m good.  And, you mean that some people don’t believe in eating beef.  Aw lawdy, this can’t be right.  I get the whole pig is a filthy beast, but I don’t want to live without my beef steaks.  But, I’m fine if somebody else feels that they shouldn’t.  That is their calI.  I find humour that almost every religion will eat goat.  There are a lot of times that I see a goat being associated with the darker side of life.  Especially a doe goat.  (Bet you all didn’t see that one coming?!  I apologize.)    

    This new gun legislation is nothing but “an intrepretation of the 2nd amendment”.  If you have a desire, then you can twist any words to mean something other than what it was intended to mean.  One can twist the words to meet their desires, but it doesn’t make it right.  Basically, there is one rule that we should all just stick to, and that would be the golden rule.  If every religion and government would adhere to the golden rule, we’d be just okie dokie.  

     Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  Two words–COMMON SENSE.