I do have the desire, but I don’t have the time to go in depth tonight on the Woodward District Livestock Show.  I just want to thank all those involved for putting on a top shelf show.  Excellent show, great facilties, elite judges and most importantly great kids with wicked good stock.  The quality of livestock and kids at this show is fun to watch.  

     Tip of the cap to the Shattuck show crew.  They did not disappoint.  Lots of premium sale slots, lots of winners and lots of super showmanships in ALL 4 species.  It is fun to see what great kids with supportive parents can accomplish.  I know I can burn some people when I brag about kids, but Shattuck has a fleet of great kids.  

On that note, two of the best kids that you will ever find are getting scholarships at the premium sale.  Logan Holt and Becky Kelln are both recieving scholarships.  And both of these two ladies are selling animals in the premium sale.  I’ve taught for a number of years and have been involved with this industry for decades and I am honored to say that Logan Holt and Becky Kelln are two of the best that I have ever had the privilege to work with.  As a teacher, I will take this pair of girls and you can have the rest of the field in any event and I like our chances.  They just get things done.  As a parent, I am glad that I have a son that has gotten the opportunity to work alongside these two to build a successful chapter.  This pair of chicks are what the industry would term as “GREAT ONES”.  These two will be successful in any endeavor that they pursue.  These are the type of young people that make us do what we do to help and know that the next generation will be fine.  Congrats to Logan and Becky!   And don’t hold Becky’s last name against her.  As Becky constantly reminds me, she comes from the well behaved, good side of the Kelln family.  For that matter, that Holt girl has outdone her genetics as well.  If you can’t tell, this is a pair of good kids.  The Dragon Lady likes them even more than I do.   

Now, I head to Enid for the NW District show on Thursday.  I hope to make it back to Woodward for the Premium Sale supper.  Yeah, Woodward kind of does the premium sale right as they serve a ribeye steak dinner for the sale.  


P.S.  HUGE thanks to Julie Milligan for the last minute technical (and saving a marriage) kind of help with Duke’s project.