Where to go next?  This is probably the most common question in the livestock industry.  Where are the trends heading?  Where do we go next to find the buck that we need?  The goat industry is probably harder to find the next piece just for the simple fact the genetic pool of really good goats is smaller as compared to other species.  A breeder can keep a buck or two, but most likely these keepers will be similar genetically to the rest of their herd.  New blood will still be needed.  And this brings us back to the question…where to go next?  

    Buying bucks can be a chore, no matter the size of the operation.  A breeder with hundreds of does needs multiple bucks.  Having large numbers of females enables a breeder to experiment, but that magical buck is still a must.  A smaller breeder will normally only need one buck, but if they get the wrong one, it can set them back a year or more.

    And once you find the piece that you want/need, then you still have to hope that he is available/4 sale.  Then you have to be able to afford it.  It is hard to get all of these pieces to come together.  That’s why this industry is not easy.  

May the 4th be with you in your pursuit of genetic improvement.