Where to start?

I was reminded today, when rolling up electric fence with a gas powered fence roller………………………….. always keep the 2 wires separated.  Damn!!  I was glad nobody was around to see that tangled up POS!!!   And I had nobody to blame but myself.  Yeah, you, Dad.   I hope you are getting a laugh reading this crap!!

I made a road trip on Saturday.  A little over 750 miles round trip to look at some damn hair sheep wethers. And people, I would make that trip again.  I don’t care what species it is, I just like looking at good stock.  You all can figger out where I went.  They were good, real good and I couldn’t afford anything that would classify in TX.  So, I went down the road to the Hard 8 BBQ.  While in line, staring at that open pit bbq, I watched the dude in front of me point to a big damn pork chop.  Then shake his head yes.   The whole social distancing deal meant that I was just far enough away to not hear a thing.  (That and my age and habit of listening to LOUD music…IDK?)   The server then dunked that big damn pork chop in a bat of some buttery substance.  What was that?  That’s new to me.  WTH?  Six feet,  my ass!!

Now, it’s my turn.   I’ve seen lots of meats dunked in various sauces.  But, this one looked different.  I obviously asked in a bit of an offensive stance.   “Dude, what’s in the bucket?”

He answers with his hands up.  “Hey, man.  It’s a lemon, garlic, butter sauce.”


And now, like a druggy having a relapse……”Hit me up with that!”

RUFSM?!  A big piece of slow-smoked pork dipped in a lemon, garlic, butter sauce???????     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was flying on a solo mission, which meant nothing but water all while reading a sign that says, ” The Hard 8 BBQ sells more Shiner Bock than any place.”


Where has that been before?    I didn’t help their Shiner Bock sales, but I also got a piece of jalapeño sausage for safety reasons.  But that smoked pork dipped in perfection was unreal.   Then, I sat down to eat all of this goodness while bidding on hair sheep.  I only bid a couple of times.  If Duke was still showing, I would still be bidding.


Other than the 6 or 8 best hair wether prospects that I have ever seen, the other cool thing was that in those 750+ miles, I never saw a TX or OK hi-po.  Not a one.  As a result, my avg. driving speed was FUN!


And the BEST thing that I saw this weekend.  I sent out a group text proclaiming how good my mother did raising me.  And she also raised a couple of cool sisters.  (For those of you that don’t know, I only have two brothers!)


One of these squirrels responded with a video.  No comments.  Just a video of a dude wearing a kilt and a black cape and a Darth Vader helmet WHILE playing the bagpipes AND riding a unicycle!!!  Might be the kuhlest thing ever.  And I’m left wondering…….

How did they get that video of me?


Mother’s Day!   My brothers and I were blessed with a saintly, wonderful mother that taught us to do right.    My kids have one of the best mothers ever!  My wife has a wonderful mother.  My mom and my dad had wonderful mothers.  Our nieces & nephews are blessed with awesome mothers.  THANK YOU!!!  On behalf of myself, my brothers, my kids and all the others….THANK YOU!!!


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