Where to start?

I don’t have a topic in mind for this night.  However, there are numerous hot button issues swirling in my brain.  I am damn tired yet relieved.

The Woodward District Livestock Show is on break for a few days.  We have shown hogs, sheep and goats.  Now a break until we show cattle on Monday.  This is the best district show in Oklahoma and is better than most state shows.  Name brand judges, top shelf animals and a wicked good premium sale.

I grew accustomed to winning this show for a long, long time.  Not last year and dang sure not this year.  We did well considering that I am running new horses that aren’t quite there and we don’t spend much $.  I didn’t sell many wethers last year, but we will be well represented in the premium sale.

Upon completion of the sheep show, I was rushed to get goats in place, weighed and cards turned in on Tuesday evening.  I told my young crew to not go far and be ready to work.  Well, the first time that I needed one of them, they were out side chasing snow flakes.  SOOOO, I gathered them up, chewed some ass (most of the barn could here me) and gave them a final warning.  Then I went back to clipping.  Then a switch flipped inside me.  “I don’t care how they do.  I’m putting these turds to work.  So, I had 8th graders shearing heads, clipping fronts and drenching goats.”

Dudes, it is hard to turn less and let someone else do it.  But, sometimes, you just have to let them screw up and learn how to do it right.  We will see.  It might have been a smart move.

I had  a couple of turds act like they are going to make good showmen.

Why do so many shows want to get a sheep AND goat judge.  They are two different species, that are shown differently, fitted differently and are not the same creature.  A sheep judge does not necessarilly make for a good goat judge.  Don’t’ get me wrong.  The right wether was grand at Woodward.  No doubt.  Congrats to the Maloney family.  They dominated the wether show.  And should have.

And then, I have been sleep deprived 1) because of the shows 2) trying to kid out does.

This has been a train wreck.   We’ve hauled off more dead ones than we have alive.  Numerous reasons—Big kids.  Big kid coming upside down and head back.  Too many triplets and a set of quintuplets.  Numerous bucks used.  Does fed a low protein/ high TDN hay.  No, I didn’t use PG600 or any other drug.  This hasn’t been a fun week.  There is a reason that a good goat costs a shit -ton.  They are hard to make.

One of my kids showed a GL wether into the premium sale.  One of Pullan’s kids won the heavy weight class with a GL wether.  Paintball sired a premium sale wether.  And I had a couple of TACOCAT kids that made the sale.

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