Where to begin?

I feel that I should write something but just not sure what?!


I do think that covid is a real deal.  I do think that it has been over-hyped.  I am scared for those that have to fight it and don’t have the immune system to fend it off.

Personally, as a person that is on the front lines of dealing with the general public, I am not afraid for my health.  In all honesty, if I could be inoculated with it and get it over with, I would consider it.

It is scary how many kids can NOT properly read a tape measure.  I’ve got a couple of classes pissed that I haven’t let them in the shop yet.  But, we are going back to the basics.  “Measure twice, cut once.”  Sure, that is an age old slogan that has withstood the test of time.  In reality, a tape measure is the most expensive tool in a shop.  A mis-measured cut costs cutting gas/saw blades/grinder blades PLUS material and most importantly TIME.  I’m going to have some pissed off students but we are not done with the measuring classwork.  In reality, it’s better that they are pissed versus me being pissed.

One thing about teaching a goat how to eat….sometimes, they just need to miss a meal.  As show animals, we try to feed goats items such as corn, soybeans, barley and high fat feeds.  In reality, the good LORD put a goat on this planet to eat stuff that other animals did NOT want to eat.  A goat is a browser by nature.  Walk a bit and take a bite or two.  High protein/high fiber diets that work when taking a bite or two.  As a show animal, we keep them confined to smaller pens and a controlled diet.  Plenty of protein, HIGH fat and not as much fiber as always needed.  In reality, they have to be taught to eat this stuff.

I don’t care what brand of feed that you feed, it is NOT what you feed but how you feed it.  Clean, fresh water plays a bigger part than your chosen brand of feed.  Basic nutrition.  In the show industry, we get caught up in the “hot topic” feeds.  Yet, clean water and a high quality feed (no matter the brand) will always work.  Management is so important.

I always ask new feeders about their goals.  “To make a premium sale” is the most common stated goal.  My favorite–“I want to work hard enough and become the showman required to make a premium sale.”  There is a difference.  Worth ethic and management are the proven phrases.


I had several people text me this past week about the edited for TV version of Blazing Saddles.  “It will air from 8:00 to 8:07 pm.”  I do enjoy that.  However, I do despise that so many people can be easily offended and not realize the straight up humor of a given situation.

Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  We need ALL the horseshoes and shamrocks that we can gather.

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