Where the? What the?

     RUSM?  The weekend is gone.  That’s as messed up as an upside down tackle box.  Where did it go?  What happened?  SIx months ago, I had big plans for this weekend.  I had plans to take a buck and a doe to the TWBDS in Fredericksburg.  Then I changed careers.  Then I added a job to my existing career.  Then, last Saturday, the doe that I had broke to show and ready to go decided to “shuffle off this mortal coil” and no longer takes up oxygen on our fair planet.  Then, I looked at a calendar and realized that the show was on Sunday (not Saturday). So I stayed at home and got stuff done.  Not everything, but most of what was on my list to do.  

       We are a week away from having a goat sale at the Kelln Kompound.  Whew?!  I wish the Woodward County Fairgrounds were available, but they aren’t.  So, here we go.  Barn clean out is in progress. It will work.  And if it doesn’t, well, we will wish that it would have.  Sunday night WILL consist of crawdads, shrimp and the fixins.  Marla is going to cook.  Monday’s menu has smoked brisket on it.  Yes, dinner, sandwiches, however you want it.  And the goats look good.  We will put some pics up on facebook as we get them.    

     And yes, I do have a buck available for sale since I didn’t go to the TWBDS.  He is a Rumour x Rainman/All Jacked Up deal.  I’ll try to get pics later this week. I don’t know yet where I will offer him– online probably.    

      Speaking of Rumour, he had a decent weekend.  He sired some winning doe at an ABGA % show and sired a wether that won some big show over by Tulsa.  The pic of that wether looked really cool. Had a message of a goat or two winning in Georgia and one in Iowa.  But, my favorite was a text from a family in Colorado.  Cassidy Jagers bought a RUNT from me this past spring.  He was a Rumour Has It x Joe Dirt/Lexi.  He didn’t look good.  I actually couldn’t believe that he lived to see weaning.  His twin was skinny but still looked the part.  This one was skinny, had bad ears and bad hair.  Cassidy’s dad asked me to price him.  NOPE!  

       On one that looks that “good”, you make an offer.  Father & daughter had a quick pow-wow.  An offer was made.  At this point, the ag teacher/father was excused from any further negotiations.  I don’t remember the exact $ amount, but it was lower than the original offer.  And, there might have been some girl scout samoa cookies involved in the deal.  No matter what the actual terms were does not matter at this point.  What does matter is the pic I recieved of Cassidy and her 2nd place wether at the Colorado State Fair.  And yes, this wether did make the premium sale.  

      I don’t know what the wether brought in the sale.  It is irrelevant.  These are the kinds of stories that make me want to be involved in a youth show program. Father/Daughter team (and the daughter is the smart one) traveling with another Father/Daughter team (way cool family as well–that Dad has some serious ties to several Okie show goat people).  The stories of traveling to find animals to fit the budgets and have a chance to fulfill a goal are what makes this program go round and round.  The animal is simply the medium to get you there.  The people and the journey to get there is what matters.  Lance Jagers and Don Thorn–I promise to have some more skinny, crappy looking wethers for you to look at this next spring.  That is a promise that I can fulfill.  You better let the girls pick the goats and handle the negotations.  

      Well, the weekend is done.  Our government continually proves to be as incapable as a nigerian dwarf GOMER buck (just can’t seem to get anything done).  Now, next weekend…..OOOOOHHHHH  YEAH!  It looks to be a nice time with some REALLY GOOD goats.  Do I even need to tell you what has sold at this sale the past couple of years?  We’ll wait a day or 4 for that.  

Stay flexible but not limp.  

     Get Bent!