Saturday was a not-so-fun day around the Kelln Klan’s piece of paradise.  I was hooked up all day, sorting does, building pens, moving does and babies.  Duke was trying to work his barrows that will show at Phoenix next week.  It wasn’t a fun day working barrows.  Yorkie, the best one, was limping.  Couldn’t find anything wrong with him.  Then, Smoker, the big blue barrow was puking.  Afterwards, Duke took Poodle the Duroc outside to get some sun.  Duke hollered and said something was wrong. Sure enough, Poodle didn’t want to walk.  He was locked up and wouldn’t/couldn’t walk.  He wasn’t breathing hard or stressing.  He just wouldn’t move.  Sometimes, things just don’t go right.  But they can always get worse.  

There has been a pair of miserable looking Spanish recips residing at our residence.  They have been hard to get very close to.  They didn’t look bred, but finally the black and white spotted one started showoing signs of potentially having babies.  She dropped twin doe kids an Saturday morning.  I got her moved into the kidding barn.  I left this crazy beast of an animal alone with her newborns.  

       Several hours later, I came back to check on her.  The babies were up, but she didn’t look like she had been nursed.  This fine form of a female does not have the best designed udder.  So, I decided to get in the pen to strip her teats.  I pulled the gate shut behind me.  I got her cornered and held her head with my left hand while grabbing a teat with my right.  Sure enough, they needed stripped.  I got one teat, then reached for the next one.  Obviously, there was a launch button located on the next one.  This rip went over the top of me, without touching me.  She hit the gate and “Ohhh FUUUUDDDGGE!”, I hadn’t locked the gate.  And I hadn’t shut the alleyway gate or the door to the barn.  She noticed this as well and was outside in less than 2.1 seconds.  

      She blew by the grainaries, by the big pine tree and across the road.  I headed her off at the cattle guard.  Now she headed straight south and right to the pasture gate, which was closed.  Then straight west to the big barn.  Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, but the air wasn’t flowing through my lungs like it did when I was younger.  I stopped, called Duke.  He actually answered.  Now, he and I spent the next twenty minutes trying to steer her towards an open gate.  No Go!  She wanted to head North.  There is nothing but 5 wire fence for miles.  In other words, if she gets across the road, only a bullet will catch her.  

       On another trip around the garage, I got her to cut back across the front yard.  This took me past the gator.  I now had wheels to chase her.  This worked to an extent.  She understood angles and how to accelerate, decelerate and change directions, much in the same fashion that Barry Sanders used to do.  FInally, she and Duke rounded the corner of the wether barn at the same time.  This caused the half-crazed Spanish recip to briefly stop, which allowed me to park the gator on her.  Duke grabbed her.  He put a halter on her and took her back to the kidding barn.  She wasn’t even out of breath.  Me, I was gasping for air and I am now sore.  As soon as she was back in the pen, the kids went to nursing.  She wasn’t fazed at all.

     Saturday afternoon, Duke and I looked at the fawn colored FULLY crazed Spanish recip.  All visitors have made fun of this tight gutted, high headed, fine boned, wild eyed, nutty, vertical horned recip that had ZERO bag, no body and NEVER looked bred.  Duke and I kicked her into general population in the pasture.  She would later get a free ride to the sale barn.  Now, fast forward to Monday morning.  I heard a baby in the pasture.  Guess what?  She had a live kid.  I would have bet a $1,000 cash money that she was NOT bred.  Show’s what I know.  

    Duke gathered the baby and headed across the pasture, through the corralls, into one pen, then another and right into the kidding barn.  This rip followed him and the baby like a pet dog wanting a biscuit.  She still doesn’t have an udder, but she does have milk.  I checked her teats.  But, I shut and locked all doors and gates prior to entry.  She didn’t try to jump me.  She laid down and would not get up.  I greatly dislike these recips. 

      Now, we are just waiting on one first time doe to kid and then we are done for awhile.  I’m ready to be done.  Poodle is walking better, Smoker is back on feed and Yorkie still has a bit of a hitch in his giddy-up.