What? You don’t like pizza?

     I’ve got a really good story involving the line “What?  You don’t like pizza?”  But this is not the forum for me to tell it.  However, I got home from another goat excursion, grabbed some pizza out of a box on the counter and shook some crushed red pepper and then some parmesan cheese on these slices of pizza.  Why?  

      I don’t really like parmesan cheese.  I wouldn’t eat it by itself, with crackers or with crackers and meat.  I’d be pissed if you put it on a burger, dang sure don’t want it on a hot dog and I would be ready to fight someone  if my cheese nachos had parmesan cheese on them.   So why do we shake parmesan cheese on our pizza?  I guess it is just what we are supposed to do.  

     Which brings us to feed additives.  Everyone in the show game has fed additives.  Myself included.  You feel like you need to, are supposed to and you just aren’t doing everything that you can for that next great champion UNLESS you are feeding some kind of additive.  But MOST of the time, you don’t need any additives.  It is amazing what clean water, a well balanced ration, proper exercise and a well maintained environment will do for a show animal.  

     Now don’t get me wrong some additives are needed.  They simply can’t be put into the feed ration.  Others are too good to be true, thus the reason that they test for those additives.  While some additives are to be used when you screwed up the previous paragraph.  You either got them too fat or didn’t feed right when it mattered and now, you need to panic.  Then there are others that just make you feel good.  They smell good.  They look good.  And they cost a pile.  And they come in a handy bucket.

      Regardless of species, there are plenty of additives aimed at perfecting your future champion.  Mostly though, they are designed at seperating your dollars from your check book.  They used to call them snake oil.  Just go get some parmesan cheese and sprinkle on it.  You really don’t need it, want it, but dang it, that’s what you are supposed to do.