What to Write?

      I know that you people log on here looking for something.  Something goat related, sure.  Something funny.  Yeah.  Something new.  You bet.  Something radical…..of course.  Something that will make you look at a pringle’s can in a WHOLE new light…yeah….that too.

       I could come up with something new, everyday.  But, this isn’t my job.  This blog doesn’t pay any bills.  I have other responsibilities.  Probably one of my biggest failures is not finding a way to cash in on this deal.  It is crazy as to how many and who reads this stuff.  In reality, this is not a goat blog.  It is an entertainment site.  

       As I am typing this crap, I have the first of 4 online dispersal sales.  I am laughing while typing, talking on the phone and thinking of various semen collections…….goat, human, swine and bovine.    Time to stop.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  

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