What to type?!?!?

Judging from the texts and calls on the album cover blog, I need to do more of that kind of stuff.  I do agree that Molly Hatchet had some wicked album covers and some cool songs.  My favorite Molly Hatchet tie is with Donnie Baker.  He hadn’t seen his dad in years but they made eye contact at a Molly Hatchet concert.  But, out of respect for the music, they nodded and went on about their ways (clean version).

It is interesting talking to goaters across the U.S. about syncing heat, flush & AI protocols.  For heat sync or induction, I use a 2 cc dose of lutalyse, put a CIDr in and when we pull the CIDr, give 1 cc of PG600.  But, sometimes, PG600 is hard to obtain.  Some vet suppliers are currently advertising that they have PG600 in stock.  Talked to a vet distributor today that can get 10 doses per week and they are trying to stock up.  Meanwhile, others are using different hormones.

I like the science behind all of the flushing and AIing but my experiences tell me to just go to Vegas.  We had AI kids born here this year.  We did not get a single flush kid.  NOT one.   My experiences from AIing this past year tells me to just use juice that I have.  Don’t spend a bunch on bucks with hype.  I’m pretty sure that those matings would have worked if the swimmers would have been higher quality.  Oh well!

Speaking of Vegas.   Duke went and is back.  He went with a buddy to see Aerosmith.  His concert review— “I don’t know how good they were in your day but they are great live.”  Just in case you were wondering, they played “Walk this Way” and “Dream On” for the encore.  Before he and Alex went, I told them the encore would be “Sweet Emotion” and “Dream On”.  Great tunes.


Sorry for that but the corgi pup just fell and hit the keyboard.  I think I will leave it. Yes, there is a tri-color corgi female pup here in paradise.

Last week, Duke and I made a trip to NE OK.  It was really, really, really wet there.  But we saw some really good goats.  We stopped at Tom & Kerensa Kester’s swamp.  Excellent stop.  The rains have kicked the crap out of them and the goats but we saw good stock.  They took us to eat a dang good prime rib steak… a truck stop….in Copan.  Great stop for Duke and I.  Even better for Duke.  Tom had a deal made for Duke that is a keep sake.   Bad ASS!  Good stock, good food and even better people.  The Kester’s have sorted their herd down to proven does and they have 3 younger bucks that are working.  I am proud that one of the bucks is a Kelln deal–they call him Fargo.  It is fun to see breeders as they get a focal point and then watch it work.

The Kester’s have a loyal following.  I had to leave my name on some tag #s and wait in line.  This deal is going to get good, real good.  If you don’t know them, you need to.  Kerensa studies genetics and is a cool chick.  Her husband is a different story.  He doesn’t know a dang thang.  Just ask him.  However, Duke, Schoovy and Braden are big fans of “Keester”.   It is probably a good thing that none of us live close to each other.  Watch for some wicked doe kids to be shown out of this herd.  And hopefully, a wether or two.


Most under-rated band of all time?         My vote is Huey Lewis & the News.  Those cats made some cool tunes for a long time.


People, Im over and out.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow!

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