What the ….?

This blog has been online for six + years.  There are over 1200 posts on here.  It works out to about 4 posts per week.  Some weeks have been more prolific than others (in all things, not just dispensing crap).

I often think about pulling the plug on this deal as it isn’t easy to come up with stuff to write about.  By the time you delete some content, keep it clean and yeah, that would just piss off too many people…well, that don’t leave much.  I realize that people like to pick up a tidbit or two as far as the goat industry is concerned.  They also like to keep up with some random happenings.  But they really like it when I go off.  We are 6 months past the posts regarding OYE, cheaters and dirty pool.  But this is still the topic that has people holler at me.  Fine.  Obviously, I ain’t the only person that doesn’t like some of this crap.

But then, I did the unthinkable.  I attended the ABGA part of the Tulsa State Fair.  Why?  For starters, Duke and I could load hort, ag mechs and ag comm projects after 7 am on Sunday.  Two, I wanted to go to the midway.  Three–Schovanec’s were showing.   On Saturday evening….state fair, midway, concerts, people watching, etc. etc.  So we did.  Duke didn’t spend much time on the midway.

I hope to not attend another ABGA show for awhile.  But I did talk to some cool people.  Some were strangers, some were not.  The bucks at these shows stink.  They SMELL like real bad.  I couldn’t take it.  So, I went and watched a concert on the midway.  As an added bonus, I judged livestock while on the midway.  Yes, we looked for Miss Skank Oklahoma.  It was a perfect evening for this event.  But, my experience has proved that the skankier midway is at the State Fair of OK as compared to Tulsa.  However, I did shake my head a lot and wonder, “What makes people wear the clothes, or lack thereof, when they are heading out to the fair?”

Speaking of skank.  I used ultra-boss, prolate and Ivomec to treat a skin deal on a buck.  I don’t know if it will work.

Have a good one today and a better one tomorrow.

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