What I know

     I know if we hit the way back button and traveled in reverse to the year 1988 we had Ronald Reagan as our President.  Johnny Cash was still performing and Bob Hope was doing comedy specials and introducing the All American football players–Barry Sanders & Hart Lee Dykes.  Now, in 2015 you have obama, NO CASH and NO HOPE!

        Here’s what else I know.  The Champion’s Choice jackpot was today.  GREAT set of goats–wethers and does.  Phil Stacy did a stellar job of lining the goats up.  Even though, I mildly disagreed in a place or 3, I really liked the goats he used.  Excellent show.  As good as the goats were, the kids were better.  I $h!t you not, there was a wicked good set of showmen in that barn today.  It isn’t often that I actually get to “watch” a show.  I did today and I liked watching these kids show.  What I know as a result of this show today, is that quite possibly the two best goat showmen are both from Garfield County, OK.  Halie Schovanec and Taylor Parrish can flat get it done.  These chicks can show does or wethers, on the chain or braced, whatever, they can do it.  

       I also know that the members of the Champion’s Choice are as good as it gets.  Deb Hardin and Jodi Seelke take care of the paperwork and keep things organized.  Schneberger is a perfect fit as the chairman.  Kelsey took care of the announcing and Henkhaus took care of the weigh backs.  Helms, Gallagher, Ralph and I are real good at watching the show.  Addison Schneberger worked like a trooper.  Wait, Addison, Jodi and Deb make this thing go round.  Well, that is about like the real world.  The women make things work properly.  

     Here’s what else I know.  There is a huge CONGRATS to the Shattuck Indians on winning another state football championship.  Excellent set of kids and as good a coaching staff as you will ever find at a small school.  If you aren’t familiar with Shattuck football, google it.  And no, you don’t need to bother looking for my name.  I just appreciate a job well done.