What day is it?

     Yes, it is that day again.  Thursday.  More specifically, things that bounce Thursday.  And on this bouncy evening, I am currently watching a professional doe at work.  B20 is a professional doe.  She is out of Kela’s original kid crop back in ’06.  She is a paint doe that is sired by Harley.  These Harley does are way good mothers.  They literally go into labor for less than an hour, then go to shooting out kids.  There is a grunt and a long sustained groan and then things get all SQUISHY and plop there is a live kid.  She immediately bounces up and around and licks the kid clean.  Then she bounces around and lets it nurse.  And when it comes to udders, these Harley daughters get squishy, real squishy.  It’s a good thing that I don’t have them waiting tables in tight clothes, cuz these girls would squish right out of their boulder holders.  

     It’s kind of funny that most of my favorite does are out of Harley.  Because if they were biker chicks, riding on the bitch pad of a Harley, they would be squishy while things would be bouncing as they headed down the road.  

     Speaking of Harley’s.  There was a time that I was trying to purchase a ’91 Harley Fat Boy.  I was serving a sentence as a public school teacher so therefore I didn’t have any money.  But I wanted a bike.  It just didn’t happen.  I had a WW II german helmet with deer antlers bolted to it.  I didn’t have a kilt yet, but could have came up with one.  And I wanted a t-shirt especially made for me riding a bike.  My dream was to be riding a bike while wearing a kilt and that antlered helmet while wearing a black t-shirt that read on the back “Don’t laugh, I teach your children.”  I’m pretty sure that shirt would be a top seller.  

      My baby brother had a Harley for awhile, then he got married and the Harley got sold.  I’ve got a cousin that built his own custom bike with wicked cool 3-D paint and uses a Harley engine to power it.  This cat can build anything and just happens to also be a gun dealer.  Oh yeah, he also has a Hummer (like the actual Army hummers), with machine gun mounts and the machine gun to mount.  It is safe to say that I/we/heck everybody that knows him, would consider him as a “cool cousin”.  

      How come I don’t have a bike now?  I got old.  I have goats.  And those 7 years at Fairview had me living on a rock road that would kill a bike.  However, I actually looked at a deal just a couple of weeks ago.  A friend of mine, who is a former FFA dad from Waynoka, who just so happens to have a son that works for me, showed up at the store on his trike.  It is an actual Harley trike that is completely tricked out and ready to roll for two.  He is even having a trailer custom built to fit this trike.  He and some other buddies of his are actually doing the ultimate Harley trip this summer and are headed to Sturgis.  

     I will probably go to Sturgis someday.  But I’m wearing my kilt and I’m taking a halter broke goat with me.  Of course, she will have to be a direct descendant of Harley.  It only seems proper.  

     Hey Schneberger,  if I was trying to buy 1/2 interest in a buck prospect, I would probably try to name that thing “Squishy”.  While we are at it, pick another Chive term for me to use, cuz you owe me a dollar for every time that I use it.  Squishy, squishy, squishy, squishy, squishy, squishy.  

      I just hope you all aren’t going back and counting.  Squishy, squishy, squishy, squishy.