What? A mini-van

     I’ve been trying to get organized to clip some buck prospects.  I don’t have time or the desire to do this, but it needed done.  On Sunday evening, I got wind of a goat clipper lurking around Oklahoma.  HOOK ME UP!  And it happened.  This morning, a mini-van rolled into our piece of paradise south of Fargo.  Yes, a mini-van.  Two college age young men got out and went to unloading 2 roll-up metal stands, 3 blowers, hoses, a show box complete with concert quality speakers and boxes of hair care products and clippers.  Yes, Crede Garriott travels in a min-van.  And he has good reasons why.  Fuel mileage, all of his stuff is right there,  nobody is going to mess with a mini van piled with stuff and…well, all I got is kudos to anybody that isn’t afraid to cruise the country in a mini-van and will work to make a dollar or two. Crede brought a Kelln favorite, Kory (some might call me Cody) Dietz along to help wash, setup and photo.  

     We started the day off right, discussing tornadoes and how often they occur in paradise.  I said, “Not often.  No need to worry.  Besides, we have a basement.”  As if on demand, a front started to blow in, the temperature dropped, the wind blew and then right on time, a siren started to blow.  Crede went “What the heck?  Is that a tornado siren?”  Nope, just my Dad feeding cows.  No worry.

     Here’s the deal.  It’s not that I can’t clip or photo.  It’s the fact that I don’t like to wash, clip or photo and I needed to get it done.  Plus, I wanted it done right.  At the end of the day, I am way glad these boys wanted the work.  They are good.  Way good.  This Crede likes to clip and photo.  He’s good at it.  Plus, he has good taste in music.  

    I’m all in on somebody doing a good job.  And I love the fact that there are some young kids that are willing to work to do something they like while making a dollar or two.  If you are needing goats clipped and/or photoed, I can hook you up.  

     And what you might ought to gather from reading this, is yes, I have a buck prospect or two that I am kind of high on.  Especially, since I was willing to pay to get them clipped and pic’ed.  This one is fun to look at.  

      And to answer the title question.  Yes, he really does cruise in a mini-van.  I love it.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.