That many millions of dollars spent, a year of planning, the largest stage in the world and THAT was the half-time show?  That sucked.

I only watched a minute or so of the actual game.  I wanted to see some good commercials and the half-time show.  None of which was even close to being good.  I’m sure that the artist that answers to The Weeknd is talented.  But, my oh my, that was not good.

The best things about this “supper” bowl Sunday had nothing to do with football.  Made it into church.  I need all the help that I can get.  Then, got back to paradise to meet some Texans that drove up to look at bucks.  I enjoyed the chat even though it was cold and damp.  I spent the majority of the day dealing with county stock show stuff.  Always fun.

When, I got back home, I spread straw in all of the goat huts.  Especially the buck pens.  That way they won’t freeze their nuts to the dirt during this butt-ass cold spell that we are going to see this week.   We are going to be really cold this week, but as I look at weather forecasts north of here…..OH MY!!  I will shut my mouth and be glad that I’m not a yankee.

The Dragon Lady grilled some $5.99/lb  t-bone’s that I bought on sale.  I actually bought these steaks to be used for Meat ID and as a class in a judging contest.  And now, I ate them.  Good steak.

I recently tried some Whistle Pig rye whiskey.  I didn’t buy it but I had more than my share.  I’m not sure if I can whistle anymore, but dang it was smooth.

Time for me to say good night.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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