We just got done with the Ellis County Fair.  As usual, I had too many irons in the fire.  But when you have help like I had, it’s all good.  The Shattuck FFA/ Ag Boosters decided to take over the concession stands at the fair.  We were not sure what we were getting into but it all works when you have the proper people.  Tiffany Schultz and myself ran it on Friday.  But, my mom, the Debbie Kelln was there to make sure that we were doing it right.  On Saturday, we turned it over to the Dragon Lady and Kylie Quisenberry and Olivia. But guess what, my mom was back to work again.

What?!   I have to allow is that women like Tammy, Kylie, Tiffany and Debbie do on a day-to-day basis is make their husbands look extremely good and intelligent.  And people, that is hard to do.  Why?  Well, I would like to think that Lance Schultz, Eric Quisenberry, John Q Kelln and myself could win a lot of beauty pageants and knowledge contests.  But….but not without our better halves.  I can speak for the other guys when I say that “We all married up!”  I have no problems owning up to that fact.  Big thanks to these ladies for making this thing work.

Speaking of What?! the heck is TravASS Schovanec up to.  The Schoovy has been laying low of late.  That dude can make me look calm.  Farming, cattle, goats, show pigs, hay, fishing, hunting, family events, school board, church stuff, more family stuff, a little bit of ADHD, a whole lot of ADD, pick a competitive activity and that family is IN!  And will win.

I have always judged my friends as to what they would do for my family if I wasn’t around.  This litmus test has consistently proven true.  He may or may not have scored high on the ACT but he will blow this test up.  This dude will give everything he has for his family and still do everything that he can for yours.  And like the aforementioned dudes, he married WAY above his pay scale.

If I was to ever film a movie of the livestock showing world, TravASS would be a key figure.  One, he is entertaining.  And two, three, four, etc.  He will stop anywhere and anytime and give showmanship pointers.  To anybody.  Anywhere.  And he is normally right.  If you have watched his kids show stock– well hell–they are better than almost all and I don’t give a rat’s donkey about what showmanship conversation that you are having, his kids are on everyone’s short list.

What?! the …. I love peach cobbler, peach pie, etc.  I love cherry pie, cherry cobbler.  Apple… yes, please.  How about the forgotten pear?  Yes, the pear.  I like pears.  But, I always just kind of left those pithy bastards to be relegated to the end of a salad bar.  Good but…but?

Last year, my mom made some pear kuchen.  It was wicked good!  This pear crop she made some pear cobbler.  People, I have been known to eat whole raisin cream pies.  There is a slice of cherry pie gone…fine, I’ll eat the rest.  A peach cobbler….hand me a utensil and I will leave you an empty pan that just needs to be washed.  I love wicked good fruit pies or cobblers!

Now, in 2017, I have eaten a pear cobbler that my mother has made.  What in the jeeminy christmas, how in the are really shi….holy son of a gosh dang deal are you kidding me that in 46 years on this planet has nobody ever offered my a pear cobbler before?  THIS deal is awesome!

Back in 2011, when this damn blog was started, I told you it would be random happenings that I would post.  I would like to think that I have consistently brought you some random crap that makes you click on here from day to day.  And after a couple of days of no posts, even think, “I wish that he would write something.”

Here’s to hoping that you all have good help, a hot wife, great kids, a good friend and a pear cobbler.  And I hope that they aren’t all wrapped up into the same item.

Let us pray for all of those in the path of Irma.

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