We’re home

     After living in a motel in OKC since last Sunday, we are home.  The shows are over, the premium sale finished up last night and it is now time to relax and then reload.

I don’t have a lot of comments about the doe show other than it reminded me as to why I don’t like showing does.  We did have several Joe Dirt doe kids place in the top 2 or 3 of their classes.  The champion div. 1 doe kid was sired by Pocket, which was a buck that I sold to Miller and Lyons.  The champion div. 3 doe kid was a Rainman from Miller.  I did manage to weigh a pair of good does out.  One, we just needed to lose 1 pound over two days and it just never happened.  The other, Schoovy and I got to dang smart and we got caught speeding.  We ended up only needing to lose one more pound, but we didn’t quite get there.  

     The wether show went well.  The Kartel had a pile of wethers in the sale.  Schoovy ended up with reserve grand with a $450 purchase from Helms at our Labor Day sale.  Bree Taylor and Duke each had a reserve division with Helms goats.  Braden was reserve hvy div. with a Joe Dirt from us.  That was one of the twins that we sold in the Champion’s Choice online sale.  One of these twins was shown by Darcy Peach and was reserve div. 4 at Tulsa.  And then this goat of Braden’s was reserve division 4 at OYE.  We raised three OYE premium sale wethers–Braden’s res. div. 4, Lexi Vanderwork’s class winner and Kory Dietz’s 2nd place wether.   I’m pleased with that considering we only have 30+ does in our herd.  Here at Kelln Livestock, we’re not large on numbers, just on quality.

      As far as the wether judging.  I don’t have many complaints.  He used good goats.  I might have swapped a deal or two, here or there, but in the end, I liked his overall lineup.  The overall grand wether was a Freak on a Leash kid raised by Schneberger.  Plus, he didn’t mess around judging classes.  We probably need to have the wether show in one day.  If they give me a vote, I would say move the wethers in on Tuesday night, show on Thursday.

     The premium sale seemed to go smoother this year.  Mikey, Haffner and Lecil handled the money.  Throw in Fred, Roller and added money from the Sirloin Club and other OYE functions and the money was up across the board.  Thanks to all that work to raise money to help the kids.  

     Well, I’m not rested up, but I have to go spend the next two days at a farm expo in Woodward.  I use the word “farm” loosely as it will be more hot tub, wine tasting and lawn mower customers than anything else.  A lot of the people that attend this deal look like they just left wal-mart to come to this deal.  Lots of sweat pants, flip flops, kids that need to be on leashes, muffin tops and ass cracks.  We are giving away duck calls to kids.  They are loud duck calls.  There is going to be some pissed parents.  It will be fun.

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