We’re Due!!

      We haven’t got just plumb dang random on here in a while.  Let’s get random and cover a variety of topics.

     I am going to start with the dangdest ending to a football game that I have ever seen.  I like the football coach Jim Harbaugh.  I liked watching him play for the Colts and I really like his coaching style–effective, wins and does not care what others think.  He already has people watching Michigan football–again.  Wow!  If you haven’t seen that muffed punt/returned for a touchdown deal, well, you need to.  Michigan State NEVER led until the clock struck ZEROES.  Crazy!!  Recently, I have had several urges to bet on some college football games.  I haven’t in a LONG time and several of these games are making me remember why.  I think that I will just continue to piss away some cash on some show animals.  At least, I can watch some kids mature and grow as a result.  Wait, that isn’t pissing away cash.  Some may ask “Have you lost your mind?”  I answer “NO”.  This is what I like to call “investing in our youth”.  

      Speaking of athletes…who gives a rat’s donkey that Lamar Odom is in a drug-induced coma while being in a Nevade whorehouse?  Remind me why this is news?  Why did I just waste time mentioning it?  IDK

      And on a random note, at some point in time, I have obviously spilled something on this keyboard as the space bar sticks on the right side.  I am fairly sure that it is honey from a croissant last week.  I’m not sure if this Mac keyboard is dishwasher safe, but I’m going to find out.  I just hope that the dishwasher has run its cycle before the Dragon Lady gets home.   I think that I will take the batteries out just to be safe.

      Happy Birthday to the happiest goat herder that you will ever encounter.  Jared Schneberger is celebrating a birthday on this fine Sunday.  Wish him luck!

I love it when the shuffle on the iTunes hits on an Eric Johnson song.  That dude can strum a gee-tar.  Wicked good songs.  How good you ask?  Good enough that he had a tune included on the original Guitar Hero video game.

      And the American Royal Livestock Show takes place later this week.  I guess that we are going.  I don’t know what I am going to do all day Wednesday and Thursday.  They have a set of rules at the royal.  NO–clippers, stands, drenching and NO Blowers.  I’m fine with the lack of clipping, drenching and stands, but dang dude, it’s hard to keep one clean without a blower.  Oh well.  I guess if I really don’t like the rules, I don’t have to go.  But, we are going.  Duke isn’t going to win the show, but we are going to eat some BBQ and do some father/son stuff.  

      I like to read. As a kid, I read most of the great literary classics.  I also read a set of World Book Encyclopedias while sitting on the throne.  Not in one sitting, but over a few days.  Now, I read lots of crap–message boards, blogs, emails, texts.   I check in on other blog type deals.  Check out  It is a new blog.  Let’s see if this chick can write enough to keep it fun.  I like the “Music Obsessions” post.  Keep it coming.  

       Speaking of fun chicks.  Kela is getting ready for another adventure to different parts of the world with that tv show that she collects a paycheck from.  I don’t know where they are going, just the fact that they are going.   

       Nomination/validation dates are RAPIDLY approaching.  

       Winch, Wench or Wrench.   They are three completely different deals.  

       Let’s recap before the bell rings–crazy football game, honey on a keyboard, J-RODs b-day, Eric Johnson gee-tar songs, the ROYAL, reading crap, Kela adventures, nominations and the right answer in this case is Winch.  Random yes. Done, yes.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.