We’re back!!

     I don’t think it was the Chinese that hacked the site this time.  Maybe it was that kim jong un.  Yeah, he and Dennis Rodman.  Actually, I think I had squirrels in my computer…and in my phone…and every form of telematics device from which I tried to log in to this lovely website.  Anyways, we’re back.

     Between my other job, chasing pigs and doing chores in the dark–am & pm–it’s been a little hectic.  In other words, not much time for me to get myself into trouble.  Speaking of time, the breeding season is upon us.  Rumour stands at the gate with this look like–“Next”.  He’s actually pretty vocal about it.  He’s a bit of a screamer.  I’m like Dude, you’re an addict.  On the other hand, Dirt is on the other side of the corall, in a pen, just waiting. Quietly. Then its ike an assembly line, send em.  Law & Order is seeing some action and SRL is fired up and ready. 

     I’ve been dealing with a crew of boys in class that are kind wearing some teachers out.  They just don’t like the academic part of school.  But they will work.  I don’t worry about them later in life as they will do anything to get out of book work.  It wears out some academic teachers that complain to me about these boys.  I kind of hate to tell some of these teachers that these boys already make more in a year working afterschool, weekends and summers than a lot of teachers.  I don’t worry about anybody that will work.  You can be stupid and work hard and make it in life.  You can be smart and lazy and make it in life.  But you CANNOT be stupid and lazy and make it.  This is a fact.    

      I guess that it is time to go show somewhere.  I need to get off here and check calendars for a show to go to.  

Have a good day, a better tomorrow and I wish all of you nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks.  Stay flexible, but not limp.  Over and out.