Went to Play

Last Wednesday, as we were trying to leave for KC, things just didn’t fall into place.  I needed daylight to look at cattle on my way.  I also had to load and deliver several wethers along the way.  Duke had one goat sheared, a 64 pounder.  I said, “Load him and let’s go.”  Basically, we went to KC just to play.  Mission accomplished.

Danny Edwards Blvd. BBQ, 801 Chophouse, Rockstar Burgers, spook houses, our first Uber and lots of cool people.  We had a large time.  Most of the big boys from across the USofA was in Kansas City this past week.  As a result of not really taking a goat, I watched the show with complete objectivity.  And…

And this show was the best that I have ever seen at the Royal.  Top end quality of every class was extremely good.  Watching class 1 was a fore-shadowing of what was to come.  That little class was loaded deep with good ones, probably 10 deep.  There were dang good Texas goats, Okie goats, Yankee goats and plenty of other places brought good goats.  The goats were good, the showmanship was good and the fitting and presentation was good.  It was apparent that Kedrick’s crew came to play.  Those goats looked the part and as a result, they dominated.

Hats off to all the exhibitors, spectators and people that attended the American Royal this year.  We went to play and we had a large time.  Now, back to work.

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