This is a science and art that everyone needs to understand.  Welding holds our universe together.  Kela wasn’t an expert welder but she understands the process.  Duke is way into it.  He is like me in the fact that he can work metal but wood, well, not so much.  He takes pride in his welding.  

     Having said that, he doesn’t like repairing stuff that was destroyed by Doe goats.  Panels, panel frames, gates, etc, etc.  They don’t just break it, they change the shape and composition of the metal.  These destructive beasts can take a round tubing gate and make a piece of flat metal that is too thin to weld prolerly.  Somehow, resin from their horns turns this steel into a new, unweldable alloy.  Even though, a goat herder must have some welding skills.  There is always something in the process of being broken.

     As I am typing this, I am watching a Milwaukee Blacksmith show.  They are driving me nuts as they don’t wear safety glasses.

     We had some cornhuskers bring a couple of lease bucks home.  I like it when the bucks come home in good shape.  Bucks will get run down while breeding, but a little management keeps them in working shape.  Healthy bucks make it easier to let people get bucks in the future.