Week’s End

      Hadn’t made it to this keyboard much this past week.  Maybe it has been froze up like everything else here in paradise.  I’m ready for sun.  It hasn’t been terribly cold, just miserable.  Oh well.

We started the week headed to a livestock judging contest at NOC in Tonkawa,OK.  Wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.  One of the teams managed to place 3rd.  A few mistakes here and there cost them.  It happens.  As long as they don’t make the same mistakes again, we’ll be alright.

      On the news front, it seems to have been an embarassing kind of week for those “leaders” in D.C.  This deal Oregon just doesn’t seem right.  Neither does this capture of a couple of U.S. naval boats by the iranian navy.  Wait. What?  The iranians have boats, a navy?  These deals just don’t pass the smell test.  I am sure that I don’t know the whole story of either deal, but if it smells like crap…..

I know that I am ready for the drifts to finally melt.  They have been here almost a month.  They just melt enough to keep the dirt roads EFFED up and the doe lot mucky.  Previous poor jobs of grading combined with lots of moisture make for rutted up, rough roads.  

It looks like we should have May-July born kids around this place.  Might even try for an August born kid or two.  I’ve talked to several breeders about the success of their flushes this past year.  It sure seems like if the weather was decent at the time of flushing then they had success.  If there was inclement weather (rain, cold, etc.), then they weren’t as successful.  

  One thing that we do have here at the Kelln Kompound, is stellar neighbors.  Johhny and John make the rounds on a regular basis.  These guys know livestock and notice things.  If cattle are out, they know whose they are and who to call.  They are better than a security system as this neighborhood watch program isn’t afraid to shoot.  I’m not sure which one has the better part of the deal. John gets to ride everywhere, but he has to open some gates.  Johnny does all the driving.  Both of them keep up with all of the cattle shows and sales.  I can count on stopping on the road to get a show report, catch some crap and hear a joke or two.  I do enjoy the fact that I don’t have to worry about leaving Tammy and Duke at home.  If they need something, those guys will take care of it.  I don’t care where you live or what business you are in, good neighbors make life better.  

Here’s to a good weekend.