Weekend–YES SIR!

      It is Sunday evening.  The weekend is all but over.  Here’s to the BOTH of you that read this deal on a regular basis.  Cheers!  Ha!!

     Friday evening brought some visitors from Pennsylvania.  I appreciate the fact that people are willing to get out and scout.  That’s how it needs to be done.  

Yes, the weekend is all but done and I don’t have a wicked, wild story to tell.  However, Rusty & Marla did find their way from Fairview to Paradise.  We boiled ( balled is how Marla says it) crawfish, shrimp, taters, corn & sausage.  Good people gathered to eat, BS and be merry.  The weather was perfect for sitting outside until 1 am on a wonderful Sat/Sun night.  

       Yes, I realize that the Best of the West sale is only 2 weeks away, but we are still making plans.  1–The fairgrounds at Woodward are under construction.  So, we have a new location for 2014.  Therefore the sale will be here at the Kelln Kompound–3 south of Fargo, 1/2 west on CR 47.  2–What’s for lunch?  Looks like Tyke, Big Bill, the Dragon Lady and I will have smoked brisket dinners ready to roll.  Eat at 11, during the sale or after.  It will be good–or all three if you dare.   3–Kickoff will be at 11:30 for the sale. 4–Yes, there is a chance that we have Rusty & Marla back for the Sunday night dinner.  I bet that we are better behaved as compared to last year.  Maybe not. 

     I did get to listen to my baby brother tell stories about a recent concert.  Big D stays in tune with a wide variety of tunes and manages to make it to several live events each year.  He delivered a really positive scouting report on the recent Korn and Avenged Sevenfold concert in OKC.  I’ve been in retirement mode regarding concerts but come October, we are going to the final tour of Motley Crue and Alice Cooper.  Can’t wait!  

      It wasn’t a bad weekend at all.  Really good.  No stories, just a really good time to be in NW OK.  Stay flexible but not limp.