Weekend Update

       I went pig sale-ing this weekend.  It is piggin’ season.  Got some bought, but need more.  This will be a steady week of piggin’.  There was a 2 day goat jackpot in Woodward, America this weekend.  I went to Woodward on Saturday evening and ate supper with a crew of goat showers.  I then stopped in for a bit on Sunday.  Once the show was over, the judge came to the house.  He needed me to take him to look at some killer good Berk gilts.  We did.  Then we made another stop.  I would like to tell the story on here, but sound is a must have component of this story.  Ask Ring, Elliott or Tommy about it.  I am laughing just thinking about it.  

       On Saturday evening, I made the schedule open up for a few minutes so that I could watch the Breeder’s Cup horserace.  I’m glad that I did.  That American Pharoah can run.  Unreal.  While watching that horse pull away from the field down the stretch, I got to thinking.  They retire #s of athletic greats.  We ought to retire names of great animals.  There doesn’t need to be an American Pharoah buck, boar, ram or bull.  It just wouldn’t be the same.  

It is kind of fun to think of the greats whose names should be retired.   This is just a small sample that are on the top of my cranium.  Feel free to think of others.

Bulls-Who Made Who, Monopoly, Full Throttle, Meyer 734 ( I think we are safe on that one ), Sugar Ray, Heat Wave, Domino, Perfection, Traveler

Boars–Slam Dunk, Super Monster, Hawkeye, Kaw Liga, Yakety Yak

Horses–Secretariat, Affirmed, Alydar, Diamond Leo

Bucks–Bingo, 900, 191, Mozart, Guns N Roses


       There are plenty more to list.  Some of these names have been used across several species.  For example, Heat Wave is one of the winningest show steer bulls of all time.  But there has also been a successful Heat Wave boar and buck.

Sugar Ray is another common name.  There were two hall of fame boxers that used the name Sugar Ray–Robinson & Leanord.  So, I guess, at times it is okay to re-use a name.  

       I’m done.  I hope that today was a good one and tomorrow will be better.