Weekend sales…done

No goats sales for awhile.  Thank goodness.  I didn’t have very many to sell this time around.  Mainly due to a crappy experience with a flush deal back in November.  But, that is fine.  Now, we can work on getting these sets of May & June babies ready to go for Labor Day and later.  

What did we see at the sales?  Smaller crowds, lower averages but still good sales.  Good goats brought really good money.   The tweener goats didn’t bring much and a common goat wasn’t going to bring anything.  I would say that we are starting to see the effects of the downturn in the economy.  Especially, the oildfield industry decline which drives the OK economy.  But as a whole, May through the end of June, good goats brought really good money.  The demand for quality bucks is still at an all-time high.  

Circle of Champions sale went well.  Ralph brought a good set and they sold well.  A doe kid for 7K+, wethers for 4k+.  Seelke’s buck/wether brought $11K.  Tyke sold a wether for $3,250.  Helms, Cramblet and I sold some prospects that got bought for a fair price and went to good homes and have a chance.  Good sale.  

The high at Pfeiffer’s was $7,250 which is lower than normal.  But the sale average was still really good.  

Milligan & Friends sale probably had the biggest crowd.  Milligan sold an Easy Decision wether for 7K and a doe kid for 5K.  Seelke’s sold a Deuce/Rumour doe kid for $4,250.  Pullan sold an All In x double bred Rainman wether/buck prospect for about 7K.  

These sales take a lot of planning and hands on work from lots of people to get them done.  Thanks to all that help set up, tear down, push goats, set up goats and those that bid and buy.  In the end, it is good people that make this stock show industry go round.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.