Sunday was another beautiful day in paradise here at the Kelln Kompound.  Very little wind, 60 plus degrees, just nice.  The weathermen are warning us about later this week, but we will take days like this when we can get them.  

      I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed but I didn’t see very many goats on Sunday.  I figured a pile would be calling wanting to trim hooves and what not since the Champion’s Choice Jackpot is next weekend.  Only two trailers showed up.  And that load of wethers and a set of does are ready to roll.  The good thing is that I got a bunch of my own stuff done.  It’s kind of nice to get things accomplished. 

     I examined due dates and realized that I have a set of does due in the next 10 days.  So, the kidding pens are up and ready to go.  With crappy weather coming, they will most likely kid during the cold.  It will be alright.

     Now, it is back to work.  I haven’t been there in a few days.  I hope everybody has a good day.