Big fun weekend.  Duke & I traveled to Perry saturday morning for the Cherokee Strip showback.  Perfect weather and a good turn out with some really good goats.  We had to get home in a hurry as we needed to go to a social function in Woodward on Saturday evening.  The Taylor’s & Kelln’s all piled into the ’93 Chevy Van and went to the NRA banquet.  This deal was packed to capacity.  Why?  Well, Phil, Miss Kay and Alan were the featured guests.  The kids all got autographs.  They look exactly like they do on tv.  I’ve seen other actors, tv/movie personalities, musicians before and they don’t hardly ever look quite like they do on the screen.  Not this, crew.  Exactly!   Phil was the guest speaker for the evening.  And he did a whale of a good job.  Not just some 5 minute appearance speech.  It wasn’t a fire & brimstone, scripture quoting preaching, but he forevermore laid it down with a lot of common sense regarding Jesus, life and government.  It was very good.  Alan did a fun opening bio about the family.  The kids loved his stories and powerpoint regarding labs and Uncle Cy.  Did I mention that this was in Woodward, OK?

     Sunday, Duke and I got home from church and we had a little bit of tractor driving school.  He learned about clutches, throttles, shifting and don’t hit high line poles or fences with the drills.  We planted a little test plot.  Then people started showing up.  We looked at some goats, clipped one or two and decided NOT to photo the bred does that will be for sale.