Got to try to juggle some goats around today and tonight. Then make it to Norman for the Circle of Champions sale. I am expecting a really good sale. It was just a year ago that I bought Little Stevie Peaches for $600 dollars at this sale. He was div. 1 champ at Tulsa. I like those kind.

I still need to buy a pile of goats for a lot of really good feeders. I hope to get done in the next few days. I don’t buy or sell very many doe kids, but I’ve sure had a lot of requests this year.

Over the years, I have fed a lot of goats from Ralph, Morris and Helms. I’ve only fed a couple from Ann Shafer. We’ve had a lot of goats in premium sales from these breeders. There will be a lot of quality at this sale. Sometimes, you have to have an imagination to figure out which ones are the good ones as they aren’t always the bloomiest goats, but the genetics are there.

Once, I get done with that sale, I’ve got babies to work. They needs horns burned. Not fun. But its time.

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