Saturday was the Dragon Lady’s birthday.  She went to OKC to do some shopping and pick Kela up at the airport.  She was supposed to land at 2:30 pm.  But plans changed.  American Airlines had overbooked and Kela got bumped.  The next flight was to land at OKC after midnight and she was not guaranteed a seat on that flight. So, she turned down their free flights (RUSM? Do you really think that I am flying with American again? I booked this specific flight in order to be home for my mom’s birthday and then go to my grandparents the next morning!), then made them write her a check and she flew to Dallas and then rented a car and drove to OKC.  Kela is definitely a product from Tammy and myself.  I imagine that confrontation at the ticket desk was not pleasant for American Airlines.  Oh, she came out money ahead on this deal. It was an early morning for those chicks but all things went well.

Since, we weren’t going out for a family supper on Saturday night, I decided to trim hooves on growing buck kids.  They are all Feb to June born, so they are of age and all have the desire to be staining their legs.  This was not a clean nor pleasant job.  But, all those bucks have trimmed hooves.  And since, I was already nasty and was going to be sore, I decided to head to the mature buck pen.  This was not a pleasant experience.  But they are done.  My hand is sore and the clothes will probably never smell the same.

I also made each buck setup and brace.  I will catch each of these bucks several times a month and make them show.  This makes photo day easier.  There are several of these bucks that I really like.

Sunday found Tammy, Kela and Duke headed to Fairview to go to church with Grandma and Grandad.  I made it to Shattuck, then home to do chores, then to Waynoka to drop off a deal, then to Fairview to meet up with the rest of the fam.  And I wasn’t the last one there.

Then it was huge hand cut ribeye steaks, taters and Texas roadhouse rolls (yes, with the butter).  Everyone was so full, the desserts were largely left untouched.  Pretty good afternoon. The kids opened presents, the adults just chilled and we all watched the couple of week old 6 legged calf.  Yep, you read that right–6 legs.  The calf is functional, it just has an extra pair of legs hanging from its neck.  And as Dustin pointed out, this must be a “pain in the neck”.  Then the kids raced electric scooters and we all learned that Grandma does NOT like Evian water.  Good day.

And with it being the 23rd, Happy Festivus!  Duke didn’t want any part of the feats of strength.

Now on to the rest of the Christmas events and then Duke and I head west.

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