Last Sunday, I clipped a heifer.  I was sore on Monday.  Wednesday night, I clipped another heifer.  Little bit stiff on Thursday.  Friday, I clipped again on two more.  Saturday–not sore.  I guess I am back in cattle clipping shape.  But still fatter than I should be.

Took a couple of first time cow showmen to a jackpot in Laverne, OK on Saturday.  Up early, blow heifers out, load chutes, load tack, load generator, load hay, load feed, it was 18 degrees.  Got to the show, couldn’t get generator started, found electric outlets, unload chute, unload tack, etc.  Rinse heifers, feed calves, tie them down.  Get them back up.  Blow.  Blow.  Blow.  Dang, it’s not warm.  Realize that you need to dress warmer for a cattle show.

These two boys are accomplished sheep and goat showers.   Both have won district shows, made numerous premium sales and have both been in the grand drive at OYE.  First time for a cow show for either one.  They were both wondering what in the hell happened to the inside facilities of a goat or sheep show but they neither one complained.  In fact, I think they liked it.

Duke showed his first heifer.  Snow Bunny won a commercial heifer class.  He was in the hunt for res. champion commercial heifer.  There was an easy champion, then a judges decision between Duke’s white heifer and a red heifer. He chose the red heifer.  And in the overall, the commercial was grand and the res. commercial was 3rd overall.  It was a really good heifer show.  I agreed with the judge and I really liked the champion but I wouldn’t trade for Duke’s heifer.  Snow Bunny has cow written all over her.  I like those kind that look like they can generate.  These sheep and goat showers can show a heifer.  I was pleased watching the Shattuck kids.  Mikayla Hamaker and Hagan Sprouse can roll with anybody on breaking hair and showing.  Better yet, they are really good kids.  Duke and Clayton will never see a valedictorian award but those two can show anything and will outwork most.  I would like to see a line on scholarship/job applications that has a box for stock show kids.  A true stock show kid can outwork just dang near anybody.

Speaking of good looking heifers, I listened to a deal on XM radio this week.  They were asking Gerard Butler about kissing Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.  Which was the better kisser?

His reply was Jennifer Aniston.  I haven’t had a chance to kiss either one but I agree with him.  It’s kind of like showing heifers/does.  If you like fake tits, lips. etc…..well, then.  Otherwise, that other deal…. just….ages……better than you or I…but still looks…really good…not fake.  Dang.  Just really good.  Arguments?  I doubt it.

Got to see a couple sets of goats on Sunday.  Some showmen have been working and some, not enough.  Duke has been working these common bastards that his ag teacher gathered for him.  They aren’t bad, just not good enough.  He is going to have to really work to make them good.  And as always, he will be better than most but not as good as some.

Saw a deal this weekend that was scary.  Actually, it was barry scary!

This flu deal is wicked.  Heard that a local pharmacy had sold 87 doses of one day.   Also heard of an area school canceling school for several days to try to break the spread of this crap.  I had a showman get sick Friday night, went to the urgent care and the doc told her to stay home for a week.  He was starting to ground kids from public for a week.  I can tell you for a fact that it is WICKED BAD!  There has been lots of occassions for various reasons that I have missed Sunday AM mass.  But, I do NOT remember a time when I was at mass and my mother was not.  And my dad was absent as well.   These two people don’t get sick.  If they do, they don’t let it show.   And they almost never miss anything.  And if they miss church, dang, they are no doubt sick.

Brother Daniel took advantage of some OSU wrestling tickets and headed to Stillwater with his daughter Kevlee.  I would have loved to and should have made time to travel with them.  It’s been a year or two since I attended an OSU wrestling match.   Instead, I watched as the Dragon Lady learned how to halter break calves.  She showed a sheep or two in high school.  She can coach goat showing as well as anybody I know.  Great with beginners.  And now, she has a heifer and a bull calf with well combed hair and both respond to the halter.

King George is on the iTunes right now.  My favorite XM radio channel is the Garth station.  But even though he has his own station, he still refers to George Strait as King George.  And for good reason.  Is “Amarillo by Morning” the best song ever?  I won’t argue with you if you say yes.

I’m done.  For now.  And you will be in a better mood if you crank up some George…..right now.


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