Saturday was awesome in terms of weather.  I got quite a bit done around this little piece of paradise.  Several families brought goats.  I had to shut down early as the family was heading to Burlington to go eat at the Vintage House.  We met my hero–Jim Rhodes and his lovely wife and daughter, as well as the newly crowned DR. Mindi Clark and her husband Steve.  Steve has a pretty cool story of getting a hug from Shania Twain at a recent concert in Vegas.  

     Anyways, if you haven’t been to the Vintage House in Burlington, OK, then you ought to think about it.  I could easily argue that it is the best restaurant in OK.  I had a buffalo filet, Kela had grilled shrimp, Duke devoured a grilled lobster and Tammy had a Rio Grande lobster–lobster tail with cheese and jalapenos.  The potato soup is way good, the bread succulent, the meats are off the hook, salad stellar and I topped it off with a piece of Key lime pie.  Great food with better friends–truly, a Kelln kind of deal. 

     We did find a new way to travel.  The Dragon Lady drove her Acadia and put Duke and I in the backseat.  He put a DVD in–JOE DIRT.  Other than laughter, Kela and Tammy didn’t have to hear anything out of Duke and I until we got to Cherokee.  Then it was just a short jump to Burlington.  

     Here’s my advice to all of the guys out there.  I highly recommend taking your lady to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert.  I also highly recommend taking her to the Vintage House.  I guess they also have a bed & breakfast, but I haven’t been there.  

     Now, we have another Winter cold front.  I hope that people are using layers of blankets to keep their wethers warm.  Boer goat hair does not have any redeeming insulating value, therefore, blankets should be used.  I also highly recommend using blankets on show does.   Just make sure that there isn’t a strap on the back end that will deflect piss on to their rear legs.  Likewise, make sure there isn’t a strap across the sheath of a wether.  If there is, piss will stain their belly and the front of their rear legs.   When you get a decent day out, take the blankets off and let the goats “air” out.  We try to exercise without blankets, but if it is butt-ass cold, leave the blankets on while they run.

     Sunday has been a cold, windy, biting kind of day.  But there was a couple of saving graces on the boob tube.  Law & Order was showing a marathon on TNT and Law & Order SVU had a marathon on USA.  I’ve seen most of the episodes of both series, primarily because they show the reruns at about 3 am.  Which has led to Mikey not getting his beauty sleep in numerous hotels on goat trips.  And Big Bill might have unplugged a tv or two, trying to keep me from turning the tube on when I woke up, which is normally earlier than most.  

      Law & Order is tied with Gunsmoke as the longest running TV show with LIVE characters.  Simpsons are the longest running.  SVU is tied with ER for 6th longest running show.  This says something for the writers, characters, actors, etc. to have 2 of the longest running tv series ever.  


Trivia–What does Law & Order SVU have in common with JOE DIRT?


Answer–Adam Beach–He played Kicking Wing in Joe Dirt and Detective Chester Lake in Law & Order SVU.  That, and several of the characters on Law & Order smell like Joe Dirt–the buck.