This has NOT been a fun weekend, although there were some highlights.  I woke up about 1 am on Friday morning and hurt all over.  I felt like stomped dog crap.  I wasn’t sick to my stomach and no headache.  I just hurt.  I stumbled through Friday and then crashed on the couch Friday about 3:45pm  till Saturday morning.  This meant that I missed steaks and good times at Charlie’s with friends and family.  And If I miss out on steaks and good times, then I am obviously not well.  

      Saturday brought a funeral.  Not fun.  But I did get to see some really good people.  

Saturday afternoon was our only time to picture goats for the Duke’s Up online sale.  Guess what?  It was raining here in paradise on Saturday afternoon.  Braden and the Bruce’s did my work washing and drying goats.  As the rain let up, we took a few pics.  The pics aren’t as good as they could be, but it happens.  We’ll take the rain.  Call me about the goats.  There is some good stuff in the sale regardless of the pics.  I hate does and doe kids but there is a bonafide good one in this sale.  I’m retarded for selling her, but I need to clear the slate.

        A couple of weeks ago, I bragged about the Foraker family in Kansas.  Well, it ain’t bragging if you can back it up.  They went to the Kansas Jr. Livestock Show on Saturday.  They not only had the grand champion lamb but also had the Grand Champion Market Goat with a Joe Dirt sired wether that was sold by Tyke at the Banner’s and Backdrops sale.  Oh, throw in the fact that that they also had the 5th overall doe with a kid that they raised.  Congrats to the Foraker family on a job well done and goals accomplished.  

      Tulsa move in is tomorrow.  Duke is taking a pair of wethers.  I have high hopes–I hope that Duke and I have fun together.  I hope that he shows well, places well and learns from this show.  No matter what, I will GUARANTEE that Duke will be showing the dumbest damn wether at the Tulsa State Fair.  It isn’t about placing high this trip.  It is all about personal discovery.  The theme song for Duke and I on this trip will be a Guns N Roses tune called “Patience”.  I am trying to discover some patience.  If you see me whistling, just let me be.  There is a reason this wether was castrated.  At the time, it hurt (me and the goat) but I did the right thing.  

     Good luck to all.