Week @ Tulsa

     I’ve been away from the keyboard for almost a week.  The world is probably a smarter place as a result.   I have been at Tulsa since last Monday morning.  How did Tulsa go?

     Well, the Shattuck FFA faired well.  We did very well in the FFA exhibit building with grass boards, photography, news boards and horticulture type stuff.  Lots of grands and reserves.  

     The livestock judging contest was great, really good and not worth a dang.  Bree was high individual in the jr. division, Kaylee was 7th high and Duke must not have judged the same stock as the rest of the world, which cost the team.

     The hog show was just okay.  The sheep show wasn’t bad at all.  And the cattle show went real well.  

The wether goat show wasn’t bad.  I thought the quality, as a whole, was up.  Especially in the under 80 pounds divisions.  Kyle Smithwick had the honors of lining the goats up.  In my opinion, this was the best job of judging goats, from class 1 to class 18, that we have seen in Oklahoma.  Consistent in type and kind, efficient in his methods, timely and the reasons fit the animals.  I liked it.  I agreed with his grand and reserve.  Congrats to those families on a job well done.  I also liked the res. div. 3 wether.  If that wether had a tick more loin to him, the placings probably would have changed.  

       Now, you may be asking, “How did Duke get along?”  Not well at all.  The crazy wether got buried in class because of structure.  The other wether was on the premium sale line but did not make it.  I left hoping that we could get the Dumb A$$ wether shown properly.  Duke showed the wheels off of him.  The other wether just wasn’t good enough.  So, I am bragging about the judge, but we got our butts kicked.  Yep, that would be correct.  The judge did a good job.  Duke showed the goats properly.  We didn’t place like we are used to placing.  Where is the weak link?  Obviously the weak link was me.  But, I had patience with the goats and more importantly, with my son.  Duke and I had a good time together, even though there wasn’t much to cheer about.  Yes, we all want to win.  But no matter what, we have to remember that it is about the kids.  You can read this and think that this is an excuse.  Fine, I can give a rat’s donkey.  Tammy and I are focused on raising a kid more than we are trying to win a show.  It will be okay.  

       I can’t brag on my own kid this time, so I am going to brag on some other stellar kids.   

Lexi Vanderwork– showed the Res. Div. 5 wether (sired by Fade2Black) and—AND was also the champion OVERALL wether goat showman.  Congrats!

Gatlin Goodson–champion chi heifer and reserve grand overall.  He’s had a good year in the cattle ring.

Bree Taylor–division champion wether goat, high individual in the Jr. FFA livestock judging contest, Grand Champion FFA Photography contest and Champion Plant Life Cycle Display in the horticulture division.  That’s a pretty good Tulsa State Fair.  


     I also had the honor of working the Collegiate Livestock judging contest.  Wow! That was fun.  Great stock.  Excellent set of industry professionals to work alongside.  And I loved listening to reasons.  Especially, the young lady that told me and I quote, “the #1 doe would have to be bred to a super salty stud buck in order to make profitable progeny in any succesful wether goat producing operation.”  It wasn’t the best set that I heard, but it was the most memorable.  

        And speaking of reasons, if you have not heard, or for that matter, watched Ryan Rash judge a heifer show, then you need to.  Flamboyant is a term that was associated with him.  But, no matter what, that dude sees cattle and can talk them–like no other.  

       Here’s the really important part of this blog.  I ate at a “new” restaurant this week.  Well, new to me.  I have driven past it for over two decades.  I finally went to Tally’s Cafe.  Then, I went again and again.  I have now eaten a chicken fried steak, Rueben sandwich and breakfast there.  All were stellar.  The absolute best french toast that I have ever eaten.  The chicken fry was fork tender.  The hot rolls are HUGE!  And speaking of huge, I am pretty sure that the waitresses all used to work as Hooter’s employees.  I wasn’t looking, but you couldn’t miss them, those, whatever.  Regardless, the food was excellent and the service was too.  The only thing better than the food was the company that I had while eating. 

       On to the next deal.