Weeds vs. Time

     I wish that weeds could equal time.  I know that I am running out of time, but I don’t seem to be running out of weeds.  I can spray, pull, hoe, whatever, they just keep coming.  Time, on the other hand, just seems to get shorter by the day.  I look at the calendar and realize that we are currently dealing with the longest daylight hours of the year.  Yet, I still need more time in a day.  

      Just like weeds popping up, it seems like there is a new online sale everyday.  Take pics and boom, let’s have a sale.  I’ve done online goat sales as long as anybody and I can guarantee you that I have made mistakes.  I don’t hardly have time to peruse all of the online offerings currently being offered, but I did check out the June Mania offering.  I do think that there is a specimen that needs to be looked at.  I mean, heck, if he was in OK or TX, they wouldn’t sell him.  Me, I would rather pull weeds than have to picture a goat that looks like that.  I don’t get it.  How can people look at pics/videos of good goats and make the decision that “This is our place to sell” and this is a great one.  WTH?   Take a pic, then cut/paste a pic of a high seller, put them side by side on your desktop.  Now if they don’t look similar, do something different.  

     Wait!  Didn’t we have assignments back in grade school that made us do same or different projects?  

        Just like weeds, it does seem like there are more people popping up wanting to spend a donkey-pile to buy a show goat.  They may not know which one to buy, but they will gladly spend some cash.  There is money to be made on people like this.  For me, that is not the customer that I want.  I know, I’m a dip-shit.  

       I’ve got a lot of thoughts on this fine evening, but I think that I will stop.  Have a good one and a better one tomorrow.