Weapon of Choice

Sunday evening found Duke, myself and brother Daniel sitting on the front porch.  We walked to big barn and looked at a grapple bucket.  We then meandered back to the front porch.  As usual, Duke was walking behind us, in no hurry whatsoever.  I was already sitting down when Duke hollered, “Dad, bring me a .22.”

“For what?” I hollered.  He replied, “There is a rattlesnake under this bush.”

I ran towards the carport to grab a baseball bat.  But wait!  There on the front porch was a rack of antique croquet mallets.  Hunh?!  I’ve never done that before flashed through my mind as I grabbed one.

Daniel laughed when he saw me coming with a croquet mallet.  Duke shook his head.  Daniel told me that I couldn’t kill it with that weapon.  HAAA!! I beg to differ.  I did kill that rattlesnake with a croquet mallet.  Now, it was not a big snake, maybe 15″ long with 3 buttons.  But, it was still a rattlesnake and it is still dead.

Tammy and I traveled to TX this weekend and attended the Helms wether sale.  Sale went well.  Food was excellent.  Great group of people.  We even spent the night in the vintage Hotel Turkey.

School starts this week.  Have a good one.

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