Way Wicked Random

That’s how my last few days have been.

On Thursday, I had a ZOOM meeting that lasted longer than expected.  Then I had some goat shoppers show up.  They bought a doe kid that I really didn’t want to sell…but I really wanted her in good hands.  So, she got a new home that I’m excited about.

I’ve got a train wreck kind of goat kid that I really like but it’s taking some work to get him over his structural issues.  Are the issues caused by him being a single MONSTER kid or are they genetic?  IDK but only a few have seen him and two want him for a buck and another wants him for a wether.  Either way, I hope he works out.

On Friday, I took my gator and went to High Plains Technology Center to assist with their greenhouse sale. HOLY JEEMINY!!!   This was an efficient work of art and my GOD, I think they sold well over $30K.  I was draggin donkey when I got home.  Good crew and for a good cause.

On Saturday, the boys and I worked a set of wethers.  I Kelly clipped a March born Next Friday kid out of a first time momma.  I’m now in a good mood.  Then, we went and ate some Neubauer ribs and Greer brisket.  I’m still full.

At some point, I checked the mail.  I had a package from Indiana.  A USPS envelope.  I opened it and found the regular envelope that was inside of the big envelope.  Inside that envelope was a package of Trident tropical twist gum.  WTF???  I opened the gum to find some perfectly wrapped “gum” pieces with the payment for some semen.  UNIQUE!!   I love it.  Well played Dude!!

Sunday found me watering garden spots and then making the statement, “I’ve already got the gator loaded on a trailer, let’s go to Wolf Creek on Dad’s place and catch some fish.”  And this is where it get’s really random.

I’ve caught a lot of fish out of Wolf Creek on this place in my life.  No big ones.  Just a bunch of fun.  I have caught largemouth bass, a perch or twelve and occasionally a nice channel cat.  Recently, my dad sent a pic of a crappie.  Then, my middle brother Jake and his son Jett caught some crappie.  What?

Today, we got random.  We caught lots of bass (couple of 2-3 pounders), crappie, perch, a Buffalo Drum, a carp and Tammy lost a 4-5# channel cat.   We saw some short nose gar.  And several water snakes.  Good day of catching random fish.  My goal was to catch A fish.  After that, I was in a wicked good mood.

As any of you loyal readers already know, I love a good musical tune.  And I like getting texts/calls/emails pushing a song or artist.

I got a message that said:

Random Thoughts

“I’m for Love” by Hank Williams Jr.

Go back and re-listen to that song.  As much truth today as in 1985 when it was written.  If nothing else, you got to listen to a good tune that you had damn-neart forgot about.

Thanks.  True, very true.  We forget how big of a star that HW jr was.

I don’t see my brothers on a day2day basis.  And I don’t need to.  But I always look forward to the next family gathering.  There will always be some trash talking amongst us brothers and the wives get to cuss & discuss as well.  I’m just glad that my parents got it right the first time–ME–and there was enough genetic power left to make two really cool brothers.  Good job Mom & Dad!

I may have had a bad dietary experience with those Xtreme HOT pickle bitez that I was bragging about.  Do not put one of these pickles on a tortilla chip, then a piece of fajita meat, then some hot salsa and then a dab of Tobasco.  It tasted REALLY good!! But the next day, I felt the heat!!!

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