Way random thoughts

      First, I’m done with the decision to have the show last weekend.  ANYBODY that wanted to be at that show could have made it, with no problems or risk.  Those that didn’t come,  made a decision.  Now stick to that decision and shut the hell up.  No matter what we decided, it would have been the wrong decision.  I’m glad we had it. Now, we can move forward to next year.  And if anybody is offended by my comments and refuse to buy a goat from me because of it, FINE.  There are plenty of other breeders that will cash your check.  

      Second, most people that show don’t understand the logistics involved with holding a show.  Date, location, judge, etc.  The hardest part is getting any given judge for a given date.  You can plan a year in advance and still not make it work.  When you can get a high quality judge for your show, feel grateful and pay them for their travel and time.  

      Thirdly, (is that a word?) No matter your skill/success level in the livestock game, somebody, somewhere did a favor to help you out.  It might have been an ag teacher/ county agent, a breeder, vet, a neighbor or just somebody that happened to be in the neighborhood with a little knowledge.  For example, the Tim Dunkin family showed up at our barns today.  They brought their does and wethers for us to look at.  More importantly, they brought another family along.  This new family is trying to learn the game and they rely on the Dunkins for advice.  Tim does a heckuva job helping others.  But, he wanted another set of eyes, so he had this family come along.  So they came to the Kelln piece of paradise.  Which is kind of ironic.  Why?  TIm Dunkin is helping with all of his knowledge and then comes to us for more help.  But, I’m nothing more than somebody that learned from others that came before (and I’m still learning).  

      Here’s the point.  I don’t know all of the answers but I have enough confidence to make decisions to try to make things work.  If something doesn’t work, I will wish it would have.  And then, I’ll fix it.  The bigger, and more important point, is that we MUST help others in this game because we are all going to need help (and have already recieved help) from others.  Breeding, showing, health, kidding, no matter what, somebody, somewhere close, knows something that you need to know or have forgotten.  Ask for help.  I do.  

      Here’s to the people, lilke the Dunkins, that work to win, but also work to help others.  This is what makes the jr. stock show program an outstanding place to raise your kids.  There is always somebody that is willing to help.  Those that won’t–well, they won’t be in the game long.  

      Pass it on.  Help somebody because at some point, we are all going to need help.  Pay it forward.  Random acts of kindness never hurt anybody.  It doesn’t always have to be about cashing a check.  Sometimes, you are just happy getting a sack with a couple of dipshits and a jar of bullshit.  (Haven’t tasted it yet, but yes, I literally got a Christmas sack that had cookies–YEAH!–with two packets of dipshit and a jar of bullshit.)  

      I’m all out of knowledge on this fine evening, but I will guarantee you this much, if you help somebody it will come back to repay you.  Check in on a neighbor.  Take care of co-workers.  Help a kid.  Loan somebody something of value.  Watch what they do with it.  It’s better than farming.  You won’t have to wait on a rain to watch it grow.         

     And now, for the really random thought of the evening.  The Village People were on the xm radio earlier.  The song YMCA is one that is readily recognizable by all.  I remember this song being a hit in my earlier days–back in the late 70s when we bought packs of baseball cards in order to put in our bicycle spokes.  And, this song has stood the test of time.  It has a heckuva hook, catchy lyrics and you just kind of like it.  It has sold over 12 million singles.  I would actually argue that it is one of the most recognizable songs of all time.  But who knew what the lyrics actually meant back then.  I’m glad that I never stayed at the YMCA.

     On another random note, go look at the wikipedia list of the top selling singles of all time. There is a donkey-load of Christmas songs, some huge names and then Kung Fu Fighting.  RUSM!?!?  How many times can Big I & Ring download this song?