We hadn’t been seeing much water in these parts.  We have seen and smelled rain but haven’t actually got any of it for a couple of months.  The lack of rain combined with the 105+ temps for the past week has made it kind of brutal around here.  Don’t know if any of the crops that I planted will make hay or not?

Last night, we finally got a bit of water.  Three tenths and a whole bunch of wind.  So, I spent this morning cleaning out all of the feeder pans that had soaked feed in them.  We needed more but we will take it.

Speaking of water, Tammy recently bought one of those blue, air up kind of backyard pools.  It has its own pump and system to circulate water.  It is probably 8′ in diameter and about 30″ deep.  I made fun of her when she first set it up.  But, now that it has gotten hot, you can find me soaking in that pool during the extreme heat.

We had a blast on the 4th of July.  We traveled to Waynoka to a lake that is not found on any maps.  I call it Lake Litzenberger.  The Litzenberger family has been digging this lake for years.  It started, and still is a shale pit.  This shale gets dug out and used for county roads, well locations, etc.  This lake is deep–30′.  It is big enough that there was a pontoon boat and 4 wave runners pulling skiers.  I don’t know how many acres it covers–20 some, nearing 30.  No matter, it will continue to grow.  And the water in this lake is dang neart perfect.  Clear, calm and refreshing.

They have built a pavilion for serving food and finding shade.  They built a 20′ tall sand pile, then put plastic on it in order to build a slide.  A trash pump provides the water so that you can haul ass down this slide.  They also parked a sky track next to the water.  This serves as the high dive.  Climb on the pallet, get lifted about 15 feet in the air and then jump off.

For the 4th, there was about 120 people at Lake Litzenberger.  Lots of adults, teenagers and little kids.  Everybody signed a waiver.  The entire crew was constantly watching out for the little kids.  Lots of life jackets.  KC Ferguson had his pontoon boat there and that thing ran all day and into the night.  That boat even pulled me on skis.  It had been over a decade since I had water skied.  I actually got up on the first try.  And yes, I was really sore for several days.

And then there was the fireworks show.  The first explosion was a Winnebago that had some tannerite and other ingredients in it.  One shot and then an explosion.  This was fitting.

Basically, this whole day was a redneck holiday.  As Poe pointed out, “not many democrats in this crowd.”

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